Subject Guides

Subject Guides are devoted to supplying you, the researcher, with a list of useful resources related to the subject areas for which I am the liaison: Art, Communication Studies, Dance, Criminal Justice, English, Music, and Theater. 

Subject Guides

Other Resources

Electronic Journals (Ejournals)

If you're interested in finding out what electronic journals the Library has access to, check out ULM Electronic Journals. You can search for journals by subject area. This may require you to login, if you're off-campus. You'll login the same way you login to the databases. If you need directions, click here.


Books can provide a lot of really good information and are often more comprehensive because they're longer than articles. The Library has more than 600,000 volumes, most of which are available to be checked out, and some of which are electronic!  If you're looking for a specific title, a specific author, or books on a topic, the best place to start is the Catalog. Remember, when you're looking for books on a topic, "words or phrase" searching (also known as keyword searching) is the best way to go. "Words or phrase" searching allows you to combine ideas together:  dancing AND exercise AND benefits. You need those ANDs to tell the Catalog that you want resources that combine all of your ideas together.

We also have 30,000+ electronic books via Ebscohost's eBook Collection. When you search the ULM Library Catalog, this collection is also searched, but you can search the eBook Collection independently as well.