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About "Ace"
About "Ace"
"Ace" is a junior Warhawk. Just so you know, a junior Warhawk is a happy and confident "raptor". Ace enjoys soaring above beautiful Bayou Desiard on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Monroe in Monroe Louisiana.  He makes his home at Malone Stadium where the ULM Warhawks play football on the best football field in the whole state.

Ace represents the very best qualities of Louisiana youth.

Ace has thousands and thousands... and thousands... and thousands... of friends in Louisiana! Ace wants to be your friend, too! 

Ace loves to learn and explore. He isn't afraid of trying hard, even if it's not easy to do! 

Ace's favorite hobbies are reading books, studying with the Internet, and playing sports. Ace is smart and athletic! But, he doesn't brag... very much.

Ace loves a clean environment. He hates to see litter or trash outside. Don't you hate that, too?

Ace enjoys getting questions by email! Send him an email message!

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