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Technical UPDATE: As of March 29, 2018
Q. I used to be able to use the interactive audio examples, shown far below. I remember that audio would play when I clicked on words or sentences. But now they don't work. What's wrong?
A. The previously created interactive audio examples did work earlier in previous years. However, recently, all major browsers have suddenly stopped supporting "Flash", a key software component. So, all of the original "Flash"-based software examples now do NOT work!

Q. Are you going to give up?
A. No! We have finalized a new "re-coded" HTML5 software framework that does NOT require "Flash". (For the technically inclined: The new software code will work on nearly all devices without any installation.)

Q. Will the new interactive "read-along" audio examples work... and still be free?
A. Yes! And, yes! The project is called "Let's Read Along!"

Q. Can I "take a peek" at the new "read-along" reading application examples based on the new HTML5 coding specifications?
A. Yes! Here are the newest working HTML5 examples:

1. This is a basic level "read-along" story called "My Cat Is Bob":

2. This is an advanced "read-along" story called "Windswept":

3. This is a very basic "read-along" song for learning the ABC's called "Alphabet Song":

4. This is a popular and traditional "read-along" song called "Hunting We Will Go":

Directions For Using The "Read-Along" Audio Applications

  • After you open the application, start by pressing the spacebar key on your keyboard. 
  • Or, you can also double-click on any highlighted link to start anywhere. 
  • To pause, press the spacebar key. 
  • To reload, press the F5 key.

Q. But... the examples displayed BELOW still don't work now, right?
A. That's right. Now, they don't work now. However, in the near future, the "flash-based applications" will be "recoded" as new "HTML5" "read-along" audio applications.   

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