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Q. What is the "Ace Writers" contest?
A. "Ace Writers" is a new writing contest that encourages fun in language arts; it is sponsored by ULM and the College of Education and Human Development for all elementary schools in northeastern Louisiana. Winning student entries become valuable online multimedia stories of our region. Your school judges the contest. No costs are involved. Your school can compete every year.

Q. Which schools are eligible?
A. Elementary schools in these 15 parishes are eligible: Caldwell, Catahoula, Concordia, East Carroll, Franklin, Jackson, Lincoln, Madison, Morehouse, Ouachita, Richland, Tensas, Union, West Carroll, and Winn. 

Q. How is this contest organized?
A. It's easy! Every school judges its own winners in three categories: grades 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6. The 3 winners are invited to come to ULM for a campus tour, lunch, T-shirt, a "special gift", and a "recording session" to narrate their winning stories; the stories will be posted online just like this example of an audio story written by an 11-year-old student from Bastrop named "Claire".  

Q. Do schools compete against other schools?
A. No. Every school acknowledges its own winners. 

Q. So, my school can have a writing contest every year with guaranteed winners?
A. Yes! Each school develops its own way to judge the winners, every year. We think that this is an effective way to make writing and reading more fun! We want this contest to be easy to implement for even the busiest principal and teaching staff! 

Q. Could we make this contest and the audio stories on the Ace Adventures website a component of our language arts program?
A. We hope you do! We think that active encouragement is an effective way to make language arts fun and relevant. In the years to come, we hope to have many student stories online for everyone to read! Here's an example of a story for very young readers, read by an adult and inspired by sentences made by young students: http://ulm.edu/aceadventures/01/story01/index.html

Q. If I am the only teacher in my school interested in this contest, can I have my students participate?
A. The answer is "Yes!" with the approval of your principal. Every school is entitled to an annual contest. 

Only 3 Files To Download
Your school can have an Ace Writers writing contest every year! ace-writers-instructions.doc
Use a promotional flyer for bulletin boards in your school. ace-writers-flyer.doc
Publicity release form to allow winning stories to be put online. ace-writers-student-release-form.doc

Request For Ace
Q. How do I request a visit by Ace to my school?
A.  Ace loves to visit schools! Click here to request Ace to visit your school.  

Lesson Plans
"Ace's Adventures" are grade appropriate resources that follow state standards. Feel free to use and adapt any of these free resources. Over twenty thousand Ace's Adventures booklets have been printed and distributed. As long as supplies last, free copies of Ace's Adventures are available for each of your students. Please contact us!  
Click to view "Ace Explores Campus".
  • Request a visit by Ace to your classroom.

Ace Lesson Plans For Health
Download this 7.7 megabyte zip file containing lesson plans about Health.
This "zip file" contains various lesson plans to supplement the Ace's Adventures book on "Staying Healthy".

Origami Activity: Making a Hawk's Beak*

   View video.
This brief video (no audio) shows how to fold a piece of paper into a hawk's beak, just like Ace's beak. This can be a stimulating activity. The video shows how to fold the beak, step by step with pauses. 

Tying Shoelaces: Three Methods*
   View video.
This brief video (no audio) demonstrates 3 methods for tying shoelaces. The third method demonstrates a great way to ensure that shoelaces WON'T come undone accidentally. Additionally, this knot comes apart very easily, with little effort. This tip can save many busy teachers of young children a great deal of time and effort!

* The videos were made with a very inexpensive camera. This just proves that any teacher could make videos like this!  (If you have trouble viewing the videos, please install the free Flash player.)

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