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The primary goal of the Academic Innovation Grant is to fund activities which promote innovation and collaboration in the areas of teaching, learning, and/or research. Faculty are invited to submit proposals for projects or activities that meet these goals. Funded activities are intended to support the mission and vision of the AIC. Proposals are evaluated by the Innovation Center Council. Recommendations are submitted to the Academic Innovation Chair(s). The Council reserves the right to accept or deny applications based on availability of funds.

Please submit your proposals to aic@ulm.edu

Application Deadline: January 16 (Tuesday), 2018

Applications will be considered once a year. Funds must be spent by the end of the fiscal year. See specific guidelines as they apply to spending deadlines. Principal investigator of proposals recommended for funding will be notified by Jan. 31, 2018.


Must be a full-time faculty member. IC council members are not eligible.

Available Funds

Approximately $10,000 is available this grant cycle. There is no set minimum or maximum amount that may be requested, but we anticipate proposals in the $2000 - $4000 range.

How to Apply

Complete an Academic Innovation Grant application(docx) and address sections in bold. Please refer to the evaluation criteria and scoring rubric form (below) when completing the application. 

Grant applications must not exceed 6 pages total. Expenses must follow Louisiana’s Travel and Purchasing Policies. To learn more about this, please see the Controller’s Office Website http://ulm.edu/controller/

Final Reporting Requirements

If your proposal is funded, you will be required to present a brief (7-10 minutes) summary of the outcome of your project during University week, Fall 2018.

Evaluation Criteria

The reviewers will use a scoring rubric  (docx) to evaluate each proposal. The following criteria will be considered when evaluating proposals:

The merit of the proposal and its congruence with the mission and vision of the AIC. The proposal must clearly state how it will facilitate collaboration and innovation in teaching, learning, and/or research;

Proposal should provide clear description, define and clarify terminology unfamiliar to those outside of the field, and should highlight the significance of the project;

The feasibility of the proposal over a projected timeline should be addressed;

Overall budget, taking into consideration any other available sources of funding.