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AIC Council 2018-2019


Assigned Department/ Office/School

Area Represented     Phone     Email Office Held
Dr. Eugenie Ardoin School of Accounting, Financial, and Information Services CBSS 342-1194  
Dr. Sandy Bailey

Kitty DeGree School of Nursing

CHS 342-1646  Secretary
Mr. Shannon Banks

School of Basic Pharmaceutical & Toxicological Sciences 

CPY 342-1892  
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Bridges School of Behavioral and Social Sciences CBSS 342-3647 bridges@ulm.edu  
Dr. Tommie Church School of Allied Health CHS 342-1321 church@ulm.edu  
Dr. Leigh Hersey School of Behavioral and Social Sciences CBSS 342-1332  
Dr. Todd Murphy School of Sciences CAES 342-3428 murphy@ulm.edu  Chair

Ms. Heather Pilcher 

University Library ULIB 342-1054 pilcher@ulm.edu  

Dr. Savannah Posey 

School of Clinical Sciences

CPY 342-3176 posey@ulm.edu  

Dr. Tarrieck Rideaux 

School of Education

CAES 342-1288  

Ms. Rebecca Yantis 

University Library ULIB 342-3042