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Previous AIC Awards

Academic Award Year

Principal Investigator


Project Title

Award Amount

2016-17 Dr. John Carr Biology Mobilizing Museum Collections $2,000
2016-17 Ms. Donna Glaze Nursing Envision Nursing $1,420
2016-17 Ms. Tina Mullone Dance Exploring Perspectives $2,150
2016-17 Dr. Jana Sutton Marriage & Family Therapy Art Therapy Degree Research and Development $1,894
2016-17 Dr. Allison Wiedemeier Biology STEM to STEAM: The intersection of visual language and scientific language $2,000
2017-18 Dr. Janelle McDaniel Psychology Neurofeedback System for Attention Training $3,489
2017-18 Dr. Jessica Dolecheck Health Studies Cultivating Interpersonal Soft Skills: An Innovative Professional Business Luncheon for Health Sciences Students $3,010
2017-18 Ms. Rebecca Hamm Radiologic Technology Radiography Positioning Simulator $2,020
2018-19 Ms. Amy Kincannon Nursing Psychiatric Nursing Simulation Education $944
2018-19 Dr. Anthony Walker Pharmacy Reducing Costs by Using In-House Prepared Simulated Medications Instead of Commercial Products in a Pharmacy School Practice Laboratory $5,000
2018-19 Dr. Burton Ashworth Psychology Standardized Testing Effects on Public School Faculty Assessed through Salivary Cortisol Measures $4,875
2018-19 Ms. Jessica Lasiter & Dr. Kathy Kennedy Medical Lab Science & Nursing Interprofessional Educational GlitterBug Project $1,362
2018-19 Dr. Katherine Aymond Pharmacy Integrating Strengths Psychology into the Doctor of Pharmacy Curriculum $1,492
2018-19 Dr. Samuel Shannon Marriage & Family Therapy Artistic Self Awareness Summer Camp for High School Students $1,171