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Career Fair Tips for Employers


Bring alumni with you. ULM alumni are excellent sources for advertising your organization

ULM's student body is rich in diversity. Your college recruitment team should reflect diversity in order to build trust and relationships with all cultures

Share personal career information and typical steps to success

Anticipate problems before the event--be prepared for anything (i.e., VCR doesn't work, need electrical extension cords, etc.).

Maintain your presence. It is very important to maintain a consistent campus presence even if you are not hiring. Students have a loyalty to those companies who show a commitment to the university.

In addition to attending the fair, schedule opportunities to meet with faculty and key people while you are on campus


Give-Aways - Name recognition and recall go a long way. Identify a give-away that will arouse interest and link it to your recruiting message. Be sure to bring enough to last through the day.

A good exhibit is simply a stage for information exchange.

Your visual message should give even a casual observer a clear idea of what you do.

Do have brochures on hand, but keep paper to a minimum. Handouts can be used to initiate a conversation with students but should not be your entire presentation.

Entertaining exhibits get results - remember, students live in a colorful world of multimedia.

Exhibit Staff

Design an overlapping shift schedule so there is always adequate staffing at your booth, and make sure you stay until the end.

Know yourself, your position, your organization, and where students may fit into that entire scheme.

Visitors prefer a short, overall view of what you have to offer.

Ensure your exhibit is staffed at all times

Avoid eating at your exhibit - it takes away from the "professional" look.

Consider standing in front of your exhibit to convey a sense of excitement and a welcoming atmosphere.

Wear name tags prominently - we recommend that students try to get your name/title from them.

Visit other exhibitors when your shift ends - it is a great way to meet other professionals in your field.


Don't wait for visitors to approach you - be assertive, friendly and sincere.

Ask passers-by friendly, open-ended, yet specific questions such as "Are you interested in a career in finance?" or "Do you want to put your communications skills to work in a great career?"

After the Fair

Often employers want to leave "give-aways" after the Fair, rather than ship a small amount back. You may do this. Career Connections puts these in the reception area of our office for students to take. Leave such materials in a box on the table.

Once you have a quality group of prospective candidates, arrange an on-campus interviewing session. We'll be happy to provide an appropriate space and help you with organizing the interviews. Simply contact us at the number below.

Please complete the evaluation! Your feedback helps us to improve every year.

Career Connections will help discard materials for you if you box the materials and leave the box on the floor at your table.

Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you further!

ULM Career Connections