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 FOCUS 2 CAREER guides you through a reliable, intuitive career, and education decision making model to help you choose majors offered at ULM, explore occupations, and make informed career decisions. You will be engaged in the career planning process to help you plan for and achieve career success throughout your lifetime.

Creating your Focus 2 account:

Step 1: click here to create your login and get started

Step 2: Fill out the one page form and click continue.




Focus 2 consists of 5 valid and reliable assessments: Work Interests, Personality, Leisure Interests, Values, and Skills. You will be given results once you have completed each assessment. Once you have finished all assessments, you can see your results from all 5 assessments combined. See below:


As you explore the occupations you are matched to based on your results, make sure to save those occupations of particular interest. Each occupation will show you what you would need to major in at ULM in order to lead you to that career path. Make sure and save your majors of interest as well.

You can also utilize the "Explore the Possibilities" section to view what you can do with certain majors, review occupation descriptions, and compare 2 occupations side by side. See below:


In addition to the 5 self assessments, you can complete other items to add to your portfolio at the end.

Below are 2 portions where you can rate your career planning readiness and identify your academic strengths. See below:


 The last section you can complete for your portfolio is the "Take Action" section where you will fill in information about your past, current, and future education plans as well as your professional/career development. See below:




After all assessments and additional information have been completed, you can build a portfolio to see all of your results in one place. You can include as much or as little from your results in your portfolio. See below: