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Job Shadowing 

Job Shadowing is a work experience option where a student can receive a “day in the life” of experience with a company and/or employer. The job shadowing experience will provide temporary exposure to the work product in an area of interest to the student and allow the student to “look before they leap.” The location of choosing may or may not relate to the student’s major or his or her current career path.

While job shadowing, the student/shadower will be able to witness firsthand the work environment and the occupational/interpersonal skills practiced by their shadow coach/employer of choice. This can help the student decide if a particular major/career is something they want to continue with.


The Job Shadow Program will:



Want to be a part of a unique opportunity to contribute to student growth and success? Want to get a head start on identifying potential interns/employers? Become a job shadow host.

Employer Benefits

  • A chance to guide future professionals through a job shadow experience
  • Brand your company by exposing students to company culture and new technologies
  • Showcase what professionals in your organization do on a daily basis, their daily challenges and requirements
  • Provide students a chance to gain exposure to specific applications of their major and career interests
  • Get a head start in identifying potential interns/employees
  • Easy pipeline for future employees
  • Allows the opportunity for you to mold potential employees with the experience by giving them a glimpse of real world application of their in-class and text book education
  • Able to see and measure current educational trends
  • Help students discover new career paths




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Role of the Job Shadow Host/Employer

  • Able to communicate openly and in a nonjudgmental fashion with students
  • The want to invest in students current and future career paths
  • Able to work with persons of different educational, economic, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds
  • Capable of linking learning to earning
  • Spend approximately one hour planning and preparing for the day
  • Help students understand skills needed for the job
  • Demonstrate and explain effective work methods
  • Arrange parking for student at shadow location
  • Complete an Employer Feedback/Evaluation Form on the student upon the conclusion of the visit. Form should be scanned and emailed back to Anna Gasperecz, Office of Career Connections Coordinator of Career Development, at gasperecz@ulm.edu.




Want to be a part of a unique opportunity to learn more about careers? Want to witness firsthand what a particular job and/or industry has to offer you? Job shadowing could be for you.

Student Benefits

  • Great way to get a realistic preview of a job and workplace
  • Career exploration
  • Try on jobs by visiting workplaces and observing what goes on
  • Taste of what various careers are like
  • One can learn a great deal more about a career than you can through research in print productions and on the internet
  • Explore company culture differences
  • Explore careers you are interested in by spending time with a professional working in that industry
  • See how your in-class and textbook learning applies to the real world to help you discover new career paths
  • Provides vital information on computer culture at the place you want to work
  • Offers useful face-to-face contact with potential employers that can be used to expand your professional network
  • The experience is a step towards professional development for you as you explore your career options.

 Students, if you are interested in participating in the Job Shadow Program, please set up an appointment with our Coordinator of Career Development, Anna Gasperecz.