CAC Meeting

January 20, 2009

4:00 – 5:00 pm

Dean’s Conference Room

Sugar Hall

Members Present:  Dean Ryman, Dr. Oliver, Dr. Gibson, Ms. Calk, Dr. Dolecheck, Dr. Doughty, Ms. Jarrell, Ms. Wisenor, Dr. Fellows, Dr. Boult.


Members Absent and Excused:  Mr. B. Bennett


  • Mobile Dental Unit - Dr. Ryman announced success with a number of ventures to enhance student resources within the college.  The City of Monroe has contacted Dr. Ryman and there are discussions about use of the mobile dental unit.  Dr. Cofer will continue to explore this possibility.
  • Dean Travel - Dr. Ryman announced that he will be attending a meeting this week in New Orleans, LA.  Dr. Oliver will be available to assist as needed.


  • Library Reconfiguration - The Library is being reconfigured.  The plan is to have computers for access on the 1st floor and 2nd floor.  The Director of Course Redesign/QEP Coordinator will also be housed in Library.  The new focus of the library will be as an information center.  These changes will begin immediately.


  • Credit Hour Graduation Requirements - The state education governing board has proposed that if there are no accreditation mandates, all baccalaureate programs must move to no more than 120 credit hours required for graduation. The university core requirements will not change.  Each department head discussed the potential of meeting this mandate. This credit hour change will begin implementation in fall 2010.  A discussion of the curriculum change process and the required paperwork ensued.


  • Retention and Graduation Rates – Dr. Ryman discussed a continued thrust toward students graduating on schedule. Students not graduating on time will impact university formula funding.  All departments must develop a retention policy and plan for its implementation.  Student remediation must be documented and should be designed to promote student success. Dr. Dolecheck will develop a protocol for students who are having academic challenges to redirect them to a new more attainable curriculum.  Student success and remediation begins at the freshman level and ends at the senior level.  This process should include the pre-professional student.  There is some discussion about students entering the university as undeclared majors to allow time for career/degree exploration.  
  • Retirement - The Board of Regents new incentives for retirement will be discussed in detail soon.
  • Department Needs - A discussion by all department heads proceeded to explore departmental funding and department needs.
  • CAC Meetings - CAC will be held every other week beginning immediately.  The next meeting will be February 3rd at 4:00 pm in the Deans Conference room.


The meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.


Recorder – Florencetta Gibson