College of Health Sciences


January 23, 2008


The College Administrative council (CAC) met in the Dean's Conference room for 4:00 to 4:50.  Dr. Ryman called the meeting to order.


In Attendance:  Dr. Denny Ryman, Brett Bennett, Juliet Burgess, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Emmy Doughty, Donna Eichhorn, Dr. Judy Fellows, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Beverly Jarrell, Belinda Morgan, Dr. Paxton Oliver, and Debbie Wisenor.


1.    Welcome.

Dr. Ryman welcomed all and then called the meeting to order.


2.    English 321.

                Dr. Ryman opened the discussion regarding English 321 meeting the needs of the college.  Dr. Ryman had previously asked Dr. Oliver to conduct an informal survey of how the course content of English 321 (Technical Writing) was meeting the needs of departments within the college.  Dr. Oliver reported that the only department requiring English 321 was Speech Language Pathology and Audiology.  Dr. Fellows reported that the course does not meet the expectations of the inclusion of APA style and professional critiques of research data.  A discussion followed related to the writing tools necessary for health care professionals.  Dr. Fellows was asked to contact the faculty teaching English 321 to redefine course needs for Health Science students enrolled in the course.


3.    Ward 5 Update.

                Dr. Ryman reported that the Ward 5 project has been launched.  The name of the foundation associated with this project is Living Well.  The group continues to express interest in working with several departments within the college.  A call for proposals will soon be released.  When the specifics are available, several departments within the college will develop and submit proposals.


4.   Hiring Freeze.

                Dr. Ryman discussed the current hiring freeze implemented by the Governor last week.  There are several strategies in place that have been implemented to obtain permission to hire in critical areas.  Dr. Ryman remains committed to ensuring faculty to meet student needs within each department.


5.   Open Discussion for Any Topic.

                Program Data Request - Dr. Ryman distributed copies of Existing Policies, Procedures, and Methods for Measuring Institutional Effectiveness and Annual Report Questions for Department/Programs.  These documents are to be completed by department heads at the request of Dr. Richters as a review of current practices within each department.  The goal is to have uniformity when possible between departments within the university.  Dr. Ryman asked that the document be held until he gains clarification with regards to timelines and depth of discovery.


                Contract Routing Document - Dr. Oliver distributed a copy of the revised Contract Routing Form to be used with all clinical contracts.  This revision is effective immediately.


                Internet Program (CALL) - Dr. Ryman discussed the implementation of a broader on-line slate of classes to be offered to students.  Plans include course section preference for students enrolled in on-line degree programs and selective advertisement of courses until on-line degree students have registered.  More information will follow.


                Tenure and Promotion - Dr. Ryman distributed the time table for Tenure and Promotion documents.


                Substance Abuse Policy - Dr. Ryman reported that the document is still under review by Dr. Richters.


Submitted by Dr. Paxton Oliver