College of Health Sciences


January 24, 2007


The College Administrative council (CAC) met in the Nursing Conference room for 3:00 to 5:00.  Dr. Corder called the meeting to order.


In Attendance:  Dr. Jan Corder, Juliet Burgess, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Emmy Doughty, Dr. Judy Fellows, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Jay Hicks, Beverly Jarrell, Peggy Meredith, Belinda Morgan, Dr. Paxton Oliver, and Debbie Wisenor.


1.    Welcome.

Dr. Corder welcomed all and then called the meeting to order.


2.    Minutes.

The December 6, 2006 minutes were e-mailed and will be approved later.


3.    Pulse.

a.     CLS – Debbie Wisenor reminded all of how wonderful it was to have their new faculty

member (Melanie Chapman).  She also reported that on February 6th a Bone Marrow drive, using the cheek swab technique, will be held at the ULM Student Union building.  All data will be entered into a national bank for possible donor matches.

b.    RADT – Jay Hicks reported that their department was presently doing a curriculum audit.  All

else is going well.

c.    OTA – Peggy Meredith reported that all was going well in OTA.  She announced that she was

retiring May 18, 2007.

d.    HLST – Dr. Jessica Dolecheck reported that Dr. Matt Matusiak was onboard and working

with her to improve the new program.  The department office moved to Sugar 156 and

painting is ongoing.  Sign up sheets for students have been printed and are being distributed. There was a very professional and informative article in the News-Star about the new BS in Health Studies.

e.    NURS – Dr. Florencetta Gibson reported that she and Emmy Doughty attended the Louisiana

State Board of Nursing Education Committee.  The purpose of the meeting was the review of

the SON’s 2006 Annual Report.  The report was accepted by the Board and ULM will

continue with full accreditation status.  Nursing plans to admit 60 students into their program this fall.

f.    CODI – Dr. Judy Fellows reported that the new CODI faculty member, Johanna Boult is doing

well and that Johanna plans to defend her doctoral dissertation in April of 2007.  Clinic and

classes are ongoing.

g.    DHYG – Beverly Jarrell reported that two of her faculty have been admitted into the Dental

       Hygiene Master’s degree program at the University of Tennessee/Memphis Dental School.


13A. Other.

Dr. Corder changed the agenda.  It was determined that January 31st from 12:00 –

4:30 and February 7th from 2:00 – 5:00 were good times for working CAC



4.   Promotion & Tenure.

Those coming up need to have docs ready.  There are deadlines posted.  Nursing

as at least one candidate this time.  All departments should develop criteria for

Asst. Prof., Assoc. Prof., and Professor ranks.  Review any previous criteria and

note revision date.  Also look at tenure criteria.


5.   The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant.

Equipment lists are to be revised by departments and should be ready for discussion at the next

CAC meeting.  All COHS departments are eligible for consideration.


6.   Admission Assistance from Dean’s Office.

ASAP each department is to give to Dr. Corder what kinds of admissions assistance they need

from the dean’s office.

Note: Student workers will be housed in the dean’s office and sent to departments

to do specific jobs.


7.   Dates for faculty to have lunch with the President were distributed.

See attachments.  Faculty should make appointments and enjoy this opportunity.

Plan for a 2 hour luncheon.


8.   Faculty survey to be done again.

Please encourage all faculty to participate.  Sometimes the “happy” do not take

time to participate.  Encourage all.


9.   Student Health Services.

SHS is no longer in our college but is under Dr. Brumfield.


10.  Biology.

Dr. Corder assigned Dr. Oliver to take the lead in working with COHS

departments in determining expected COHS outcomes for Biology courses in

COHS curricula.


11.  Dr. Oliver reported that all COHS departments should have “glossy” brochures.

Please review brochures and notify Dr. Oliver of your intensions to update or use-

up what you have.  More later at the next CAC meeting.


12.  Dr. Oliver asked all departments to use a distributed sample format and begin writing

a synopsis of how assessment tools and procedures are used to close the loop.  He

presented the Nursing model as an excellent example of a closed loop system.  More



13B. Other/Other.

Dr. Oliver asked all department heads to go-through Sandra Barton to report or

request facility needs.  Sandra is the COHS facilities manager.  It was announced

that Betty Smith of the Grambling Nursing program is having a retirement party

on February 1st.  A possible Health Fair date is April 28th.  More later.  There

needs to be a master Nursing Building key kept in the Nursing office.


Submitted by Dr. Paxton Oliver