College of Health Sciences

Minutes of CAC Meeting

February 7, 2008


Presiding:  Dr. Denny Ryman           

Recording:  Beverly Jarrell


The College Administrative Council met in the Dean’s Conference room from 3:30 to

4:45 p.m. Dr. Ryman called the meeting to order.


In attendance:  Dr. Denny Ryman, Dr. Paxton Oliver, Ms. Juliet Burgess, Ms. Emily Doughty, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Ms. Belinda Morgan, Dr. Judy Fellows, Mr. Brett Bennett, Ms. Donna Eichhorn, Ms. Debbie Wisenor, and Ms. Beverly Jarrell.


Absent but excused:  Dr. Jessica Dolecheck.


  1. Audit Due February 15


·        The Audit of Existing Policies, Procedures, and Methods for Measuring Institutional Effectiveness is due on February 15, 2008

·        The Effectiveness System column is the method used to determine the quality of the program

·        The Participant or Administrator of System column denotes whether the department is the administrator or the participant of the method.  If the department is a participant, the information gathered is sent to a supervisory unit.  If the department is the administrator of a method, the department usually receives the information that is gathered by other departments. It was discussed that most of the listings in this category would be “Participants”. The other columns ask for a Brief Description, Timeframe and Explanation of Responsible Persons.


  1. Need for Dean’s Office to Know When Department Heads Are Out of Their Offices.


·        If sick, notify Paxton Oliver

·        If at a meeting or gone from the office more than ˝ day, notify the Dean’s Office



  1. Glenwood – Living Well Foundation” Update


·        The Dean will be going to a meeting on Febraury 13 at the West Monroe City Hall where the police jury meets.  A group from Nebraska will be sharing results of needs.  Let Dean Ryman know if you want to write a proposal. Most proposals will be given to Nursing, Dental Hygiene and CODI; however, other departments may be included.

·        A call for proposals should occur in 2 to 4 weeks.


  1. Glenwood – CEO Initiatives


·        Glenwoods CEO is coming to the Dean’s Office on February 25 from 12 noon until 2.

·        Lunch will be served

·        Will be discussing Recruitment of Nurses and other initiatives.


  1. Ed.D Concentration


·        Dean Ryman will be going to Louisiana Tech next week to propose a consortium for a 21 hour ED.D in Health Profession Education

·        The Provost has approved this program for those professions that do not have terminal degrees


  1. Other

                         Student Health Center

·        Dr. Gibson voiced concern about the Student Health Services.  She suggested that a “C*” on the record be changed to an IP ( in progress).  The “C*”, which is now used by the Student Health Service, is confusing.  Other Department Heads agreed.

·        Department Heads present are not satisfied with the existing system.  There is no consistency.

·        Dr. Gibson will initiate an e-mail.  Department Heads will give her input and she will then make a proposal.

·        Dr. Ryman will bring this up at the Dean’s meeting with the Provost.


                         Grant Funds

·        Three Nursing Faculty applied for a grant and were awarded $18,140.00.  It will be used to enhance the simulation lab.  The nurses applying for the grant were:  Donna Glaze, Jan Shows and Rayne Lowder.


                          Spring Conference – CODI


·        CODI will be holding a Spring Conference in the SUB on February 14 and 15.








 Elevator in the Nursing Building

·        A new elevator has been installed in the Nursing Building.



·        Norma Johnson in CODI will be retiring tomorrow, February 8.


                       Hiring Freeze

·        There is a hiring freeze.  A justification can be written.  Part time and adjuncts are not involved in this freeze. The freeze may be extended until June.


                      Director of Grants

·        Dr. Judy Fellows has been named Director of Grants and Fund Raising for the COHS.  She will assume these duties on August 1.

·        Dr. Johanna Boult will be named interim Department Head of CODI


                     Blood Drive

·        There will be a Blood Drive on campus on February 18-22. There will be a station in the SUB as well as the mobile unit in front of Nursing.


                     Java City Coffee Shop

·        The Java City Coffee Shop will open within the next week. They will also be serving sandwiches and salads.  It will be located in the area of the former nursing student lounge.