College of Health Sciences


February 14, 2007


The College Administrative Council (CAC) met in the Nursing Conference room from 2:00-3:00.

Dr. Corder called the meeting to order.

In Attendance:Dr. Jan Corder, Vicki Creighton, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Donna Eichhorn,

Dr. Judy Fellows, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Jay Hicks, Beverly Jarrell, Belinda Morgan,

Dr. Paxton Oliver, and Debbie Wisenor

Dr. Corder opened the meeting by introducing Debra Bridges, Administrative Coordinator, who will be taking minutes for this council in the future.


Dr. Corder then stated that this is a follow-up meeting to tie up loose ends for all the Department Heads and the Student Success Center regarding student advising beginning this spring.


Barbara Michaelides of the Student Success Center introduced Patti Pate, Assistant Director of Retention.


Mrs. Michaelides stated that she had met with all the Department Heads and all are aware that the Student Success Center will be advising students who have 0-29 credit hours.Most students will be advised at Prep.†† Those who fall through the crack, i.e., those who have 30 or more hours, those sent to them by mistake or those who are in a Specialty / Ladder Programs will be directed back to the College of Health Sciences and the appropriate Department Head.


Transfer credits will be handled by the Department Head.Dr. Oliver stated that each Department Head must sign off for their students to assure that all credits count for the appropriate College discipline of choice.Student Success Center will do an initial assessment with the student and refer them to the appropriate Department Head or to Vicki Creighton.


Dr. Corder stated that most of the transfers to be handled by the Student Success Center will be internal transfers, or those who are transferring from other colleges in their 2nd semester.The Department Head will have the ultimate decision of approving transfer credits.


Mrs. Michaelides stated that she has a binder that includes all of the degree sheets for the College of Health Sciences.Debbie Wisenor questioned about electronic degree sheets.She was directed to forward a copy to her liaison for proper handling.


The Student Success Center hopes to incorporate Flight Path via a new policy. This will decrease the need for paper and will assist all who do advising.


Mrs. Michaelides stated they had revisited the Curriculum Committee minutes and have discussed what is needed for Fall 2007 advising as the 2007-2008 ULM Catalog will not be ready for advising time.The catalog is now being developed and when changes need to be made in future years it will be much easier to do so with the new format.


Dr. Corder stated that the Deanís Office will be the central office for making the decision for course substitutions.


Donna Eichhorn questioned who would be the first contact for information when a student calls.It was agreed that any office can answer general questions, but if the student needs advising or detailed attention they will be directed by the number of credits/GPA they have, either to the Student Success Center or to Vicki Creighton.


Mrs. Michaelides feels that Admissions needs the most education on this process and they will reiterate to them how it works.


Dr. Corder informed everyone that if no one is in their particular area to answer the phone, calls must roll over to the Health Sciences office, so no call will be missed.She will also have a blocked time to visit with the Prep attendees to introduce herself and speak briefly about the College of Health Sciences.All Department Heads are requested to be present to put a face with a department.

Dr. Fellows stated that the students should be told that Communicative Disorders is the same as Speech Language Pathology as this has been confusing to them in the past.


Department Heads are requested to continue to use their Student Success Center Liaison to assure open communications and that all information is updated as needed.


Dr. Corder thanked all for their assistance in this process and she thanked the staff of Student Success Center for their assistance.


Dr. Oliver stated that he and Judy Kalinich will place the College Board in the room directly across from the Deanís Office and he is asking that Department Heads be available next Wednesday or Thursday (if on campus) to add items for their department; Dr. Corder stated it can be the same as the individual department board as they both are not displayed at the same times.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Minutes submitted by Debra Bridges with approval from Dr. Corder.