College of Health Sciences

Minutes of CAC Meeting

February 18, 2009


Presiding:  Dr. Paxton Oliver

Recording:  Melanie Chapman


The College Administrative Council met in the Dean's Conference Room from 4:00 to 4:35 p.m.  Dr. Oliver called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m., stating that Dean Ryman was at another meeting and will be unable to attend.


In attendance:  Mr. Brett Bennett, Dr. Johanna Boult, Ms. Melanie Chapman, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Ms. Donna Eichhorn, Dr. Judy Fellows, Ms. Belinda Morgan, and Dr. Paxton Oliver.


The following were excused: Ms. Emmy Doughty, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Ms. Beverly Jarrell, and Ms. Debbie Wisenor.


1.                  Departmental plans to implement Faculty Senate’s resolution of one extra class per academic year

a.       Senate ascertained from faculty that they would not object to teaching one additional course

b.      Provost is supporting this strategy.

c.       Department Heads should expect a call from the dean immediately following Mardi Gras break for the purpose of obtaining the following information:

                                                   i.      How can your department save money?

                                                 ii.      Can your faculty teach additional courses?

1.      Some cannot and DHs may offer justification


2.                  New Bookstore policy

a.       Dr. Oliver referred to handout provided

b.      Asked that DHs read policy in a timely manner

c.       There were several questions posed by council members concerning the information on the handout. Consensus was that the information is confusing.

d.      Dr. Oliver suggested that questions from DHs be referred to the dean and/or the bookstore.  The bookstore will hold training sessions (call now).


3.                  Internet course development policy

a.       Handout with proposed policies provided

b.      Dr. Dolecheck stated that e-learning committee has approximately 15 members, including Andy Allen (RATE) and Dr. Matusiak (HLST). Committee reviews each course before it begins. Courses must be approved before offered. Course is evaluated at completion. Committee offers suggestions for improvement. System has worked well for Health Studies Department.

c.       Brett Bennett stated that the intent of the policy is that all new courses be reviewed prior to being offered but there is currently a back log because of the volume of courses being developed and work load of committee members. This “bottle neck” has not prevented new courses being launched.


4.                  QEP: All DHs and faculty should be able to discuss the QEP with SACS members.

a.       Dr. Cass’ PowerPoint presentation is available on ULM home page.

b.      Dr. Oliver recommends that DHs and faculty review the PowerPoint and familiarize themselves with QEP.

c.       SACS visitors will be on campus March 24-25.

d.      This request came from Provost’s office; we should take it seriously.


5.                  Faculty Travel: need to strictly follow state guidelines and use state travel agency for booking air/train

a.       Importance of following regulations reiterated

b.      COHS has been in compliance with this policy

c.       Questions regarding travel should be referred to Terri H., Judy K., Dr. Oliver, Dr. Ryman (in that order).


6.                  Academic Affairs will take over scheduling large classes….mostly Arts/Sciences

a.       Give Sandra Barton your classroom needs within two weeks

b.      There was a discussion about the ambiguity of the term “large”, as well as the process since requests have previously been made to Carolyn Joyce.

c.       Dr. Oliver will clarify with Dr. Ryman tomorrow and report back to DHs.


7.                  Gold program bringing in $800,000 in additional revenue.

a.       Request by CAC members for more information regarding time frame in which this large sum was generated and other details

b.      Council would like to hear more about the Gold program results and is pleased to hear this good report.


8.                  Additional Items and Discussion


a.       PREP – Dr. Oliver referred to handout

                                                   i.      Debbie Wisenor is serving on the PREP Advisory Council and asked Dr. Oliver to deliver this information and request to COHS CAC.

                                                 ii.      Request is for suggestions for PREP 2009 to be given to Debbie by March 2

b.      Next CAC meeting is scheduled 3 weeks from now – March 11 at 4:00 p.m. in the Dean’s Conference Room with the dean presiding.

c.       Dr. Boult – substitution form

                                                   i.      Should all COHS departments be using A1 form (nursing form) or should there be a college policy for substitution forms?

                                                 ii.      Brett stated that RATE developed their own form.

                                                iii.      Dr. Dolecheck stated that the A1 form works for HLST.

                                               iv.      Council did not vote, but discussed. Several members suggested that the decision for the type of form be made at the departmental level

                                                 v.      Will be discussed at a later meeting


9.                   Meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.