College of Health Sciences


March 7, 2007


The College Administrative Council (CAC) met in the Nursing Conference room from 3:00-4:40.  Dr. Corder called the meeting to order.


In Attendance:  Dr. Jan Corder, Juliet Burgess, Emily Doughty, Donna Eichhorn, Dr. Judy Fellows, Jay Hicks, Beverly Jarrell, Belinda Morgan, Dr. Paxton Oliver, and Debbie Wisenor.


Absent:  Dr. Florencetta Gibson – Excused

                Dr. Jessica Dolecheck – Excused


1.  PULSE.


-          Attended CLEC meeting in Kentucky.

-          KTVE requested a CLS student for a report on Rapid HIV Testing.

-          Students did a presentation for funds to the SGA last week to attend meetings.

-          25 students are interviewing for 4 clinical spots.  Rapides, St. Francis and Glenwood will interview next week.  One student has accepted a spot in Jacksonville.

-          Mrs. Wisner noted that accreditation can transfer from St. Francis due to faculty/staff who headed the department there and the level of quality is maintained.


-          Dr. Fellows reported that one of her faculty, Sarah Allen, presented at the RADT State meeting.

-          She also reported that via an Entergy Grant, her department had done some child screening that went well and her department has been requested to do 6 presentations for recognizing speech and language problems in the local Head Starts Programs.

-          The CODI department is in process of reviewing Grad Applications.


-          Mrs. Jarrell reported that the Dental Hygiene Department has received 90 applications and she and her

staff are working to get the interview letters out this week.  They have 26 spots to fill.

-          Four faculty will be attending the ADEA meeting in New Orleans next week.

-          Focus on Dentistry has 2 more programs and it offers CEUs to dentists and dental hygienists.

-          Mrs. Jarrell reported she has instructed reporter to speak to Laura in Media Services prior to speaking with her or any staff members.


-          Application process is beginning with 78 applying and two awaiting review by the Director (students

said they did not know the deadline).  Nursing has 60 slots.

-          Fourteen took the Exit Exam.

-          Reviewing curriculum.

-          Working on Site Contracts (getting scarce).

-          Four presented at RADT State meeting.


-          Mrs. Eichhorn reported that her department will be doing developmental screenings for pre-K 4’s.

-          Applications are coming in slowing as the deadline date is April 1, 2007.

-          Advising has begun.

-          A recruiting consulting firm did a presentation on March 7, 2007 to the department about “Traveling OTA” positions.


-          Jay Hicks stated that the state wide meeting held here on last Friday and Saturday was a success.

       There were 400 attendees (300 students and 100 techs).

-          Mr. Hicks will be attending a credentialing workshop in Washington later this month.

-          Reported that Career Technical College graduated a Rad Tech class last year and most are working at night at different sites, but feel they have not met regulations.


Mrs. Doughty questioned the start of a new nursing program at Delta and Dr. Corder stated that there must be a needs survey done with available faculty with proof of a clinical site.


Dr. Corder reported that she will be attending the ASAHP Spring Meeting next Tuesday through Saturday.  Reminded staff of Browse on the Bayou next Saturday and that Dr. Oliver will do a 20 minute presentation.  Request all department heads to be in attendance for introductions.  Dr. Oliver will inform all of the time and place.


2.  New Administrative Assistant Responsibilities.


Department Heads were asked how the process was progressing.  Dr. Corder will do her usual one-on-one with each Department Head and review their needs, suggestions as this is a work in progress.  She meets each Friday with the AAs to get a perspective from them on how things are or are not working.


Dr. Judy Fellows questioned the possibility of a real time networking computer for doing their spreadsheets.  This is not a possibility.


Debbie Wisenor questioned how new file/ application folders will be done.  Dr. Fellows stated that an AA will come to the office at least once a week to do whatever work is needed to be done.  Also she is working on getting graduate applications ready for the Registrar’s office.  She informed the group if they were having problems accessing the Academic Calendar, it is under the Provost’s webpage-Academic Affairs section.


Jay Hicks requested a key for the Smart Classroom (325).  Dr. Corder has 2 keys and she will relinquish them to Mr. Hicks and Mrs. Wisenor, who in turn must return them when needed.


Debbie Wisenor reported that the back door was not locked last evening around 7:00 p.m.  This is a security issue and Dr. Corder will review with Campus Police.


Emmy Doughty asked if the cooling tower will be repaired for the spring/summer months and it was stated it is being worked on.


3.  Dr. Corder reviewed the Dean’s Council Report not reported on February 28th.


ú          Most of what had been discussed in the February 14th meeting regarding English and Math is on track.

ú          45 plus computers for testing and student use will be set up in room 251 of Sugar Hall.  The computers will have specific programming for various areas, including CLS, Nursing, etc.  Students will also be able to use them for just writing papers.

ú          Dental Hygiene computers will be converted to program specific use for their students.

ú          15 additional computers will be designated for graduate students.

ú          Open house will be scheduled for students to view computer lab and student lounge.

ú          Time of “W” date is late in the semester and was voted to be changed to the 40th class day instead of the 48th class day of the regular semester.  Students will need to review their financial aid requirements before doing a “W”.

ú          Drop date was changed from day 3 of class days to day 10.  Beginning freshmen cannot drop without the approval of the Student Success Center.

ú          Flight Path will go live on March 21st for this advising session.  There will be two instruction sessions announced.  Dr. Judy Fellows stated that she will begin advising on the 19th, will she have to go back and put the information in from the paper advising?  Dr. Oliver stated that Vicki Creighton questioned this also and was told that she would need to do it this way.  Dr. Corder suggested that the advisors who are before live Flight Path, do a paper advising and when that student returns transfer all the information at that time.

ú          Text books will now be ordered online.  Was done as online and hard copy. 

ú          UPortal will replace CICSPLUS in four years.  No date was given.

ú          Board of Regents mandated coverage of employee portions of benefits changes are:  5% pay raises; could be higher; ULM is an over 100% implementation formula and could get as much as 1.4 million for budget.  Budget Committee will be activated to determine pay raise plan.

ú          Dean Search Committee is still active for Deans in A&S, Education and HS

ú          Remedial Courses guidelines being revised for retention purposes.



4.  New Faculty Check List.


This will be tabled until next meeting.  Staff to review for any inclusions to the list.  Juliet Burgess stated that it is difficult for Adjunct Faculty to get things in a timely manner as they are not included in the system.  This will be addressed.


5.  Biology Outcomes Update.


Dr. Oliver reported that all reports were in on time and that he and Dr. Corder will review them.  A meeting will be set up between COHS department heads and the Biology department head.  During the meeting, a discussion will be initiated to determine and suggest goals for Biology courses that are included in COHS programs.


6.  Others


Dr. Corder requested the staff to choose faculty to work with Barbara Michaelides on the Summer Reading Program.  Email names to her.


Associate Deans have been requested to research summer salary caps for faculty.


Plan for student orientation next meeting.


Emmy Doughty stated that the Health Fair is scheduled for April 28th in Lake Providence.


Information for March of Dimes Walk scheduled in May to be forwarded to Judy Kalinich.


Submitted by Debra Bridges