College of Health Sciences

Minutes of CAC Meeting

March 11, 2009


Presiding:  Dr. Denny Ryman

Recording: Florencetta Gibson


The College Administrative Council met in the Dean's Conference Room from 4:00 to 4:45 p.m.  Dr. Ryman called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.


In attendance:  Mr. Brett Bennett, Dr. Linda Bryan, Ms. Melanie Chapman, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Ms. Donna Eichhorn, Dr. Judy Fellows, Ms. Beverly Jarrell, Dr. Paxton Oliver, and Mrs. Debbie Wisenor,.


The following were excused: Ms. Emmy Doughty, Dr. Johanna Boult


1.       Dr. Ryman commended Ms. Donna Eichhorn for the fine work presented by the OTA faculty, staff and students during their re-accreditation visit.  During the post-accreditation exit interview, the accreditation visitors complemented Ms. Eichhorn, faculty, students and COHS administration for the program quality at ULM.  Ms. Eichhorn praised her faculty and staff for such a positive accreditation visit outcome.

2.  Dr. Ryman confirmed that the COHS received funding in the amount of $476,000. The appropriations will be used to develop a mobile dental unit.  The mobile unit will be used under the supervision of faculty in the department of Dental Hygiene.  The unit will serve 8 parishes within Region eight.  The fully functional unit with dedicated staff should be serving clients in less than one year.  Dr. Ryman thanked Mrs. Beverly Jarrell and Dr. Judy Fellows for their work in procuring the funds for this project.


3.  Clay’s RV has made an impressive donation to the COHS.  They are providing a 32 foot recreational vehicle that has been fitted with a dental chair and portable unit.  The dental chair will be used by dental hygiene students for hygiene care and the remaining portion of the vehicle is available for other departments within the college to use for assessment and patient education.  The vehicle is ideal for health fairs and community education events. 


4.  Dr. Gibson in the School of Nursing received notice of funding from a grant that was written to Workforce Investment Board Area 81.  The agency has awarded the School of Nursing $128, 216 to support faculty and students.  Dr. Gibson was complemented by Dr. Ryman for her successful efforts in the procurement of funds.


5.  Last week, the Speech and Language Center received $135,000 toward an endowment being set up to support the infrastructure of the newly developed Speech and Hearing Center.  These funds will support the center well into the future.  Dean Ryman is pleased with the center’s success and funding development. 


6.  Dr. Bryan announced that the department of Speech Language Pathology (SLP) is hosting a statewide conference on campus this week.  One of the speakers is the 2008 president of the national ASHA organization.  More than 100 attendees are expected.  Hosting of this conference will highlight the departmental and the program success of ULM.

7.  Faculty in the department of Health Studies are participating in national meetings.  Dr. Matthew Matusiak and Dr. Paula Griswold are representing ULM at national meetings.  Each is serving as a speaker and is recognized as extremely knowledgeable in their areas of practice.   Congratulations to both for their accomplishments.

8.  Ms. Debbie Wisenor reported on the progress being made by the department of Clinical Laboratory Science toward achieving initial accreditation for their 2 + 2 program. The process is very positive and Ms. Wisenor was commended for her progress and hard work.

9.  Mr. Brett Bennett reported that faculty and staff will be attending a state wide LSRT conference in Alexandria on March 12.  Mr. Bennett and a faculty member, Mr. Andy Allen are officers in the LSRT.   Four faculty members will give presentations during the conference.   The development of the on-line Radiology Technology degree is progressing satisfactorily.

10. Dr. Gibson reported that the Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) curriculum proposal has been developed and is being proofed by faculty and administration.  Dr. Ryman will be drafting a letter of exception to the Board of Regents in support of the program.  The university’s administration remains in support of the proposed MSN degree.  External fiscal support is being sought in support of continual program development.   

11.  Dr. Ryman discussed the role of Dr. Judy Fellows in development activities.  His long term goal is that each department in the College of Health Sciences will have an endowment to support departmental enhancements.

12.  The School of Nursing’s building is slated for re-occupancy in fall 2010.  Costs for repairs are expected to exceed 4.6 million dollars. The department heads of CLS and RATE discussed the moving of equipment and instrumentation safety. 

13.  The SACS re-accreditation team will visit our campus during the week of March 23.  Department Heads were asked to make themselves available if needed by the accreditation team members.

14.  Dr. Oliver presented an update on documents required for student travel documentation.  Students doing clinical rotation experiences outside the state of LA are required to submit travel documentation to the Dean’s office.  These documents will be forwarded to the office of Student Affairs for processing.  Students doing clinical rotations inside the state are not required to complete travel documentation.  However, in both situations involving student travel, faculty oversight should be ongoing.

15.   Meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.