COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES                                                                 

Minutes of CAC Meeting

March 23, 2011


Presiding:  Dr. Judy Fellows

Recording:  Mr. Brett Bennett


In attendance:  Dr. Judy Fellows, Mr. Brett Bennett, Ms. Patti Calk., Dr. Jessica Dolecheck,  Dr. Emily Doughty, Ms. Beverly Jarrell, Dr. Juliet Burgess,


1.                   Associate Dean Fellows called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.  She introduced Ms. Barbara Michaelides who would review important information about advising.

2.                   The reason for this meeting was to bring the CAC up to date on the initiatives of the university as it pertains to the LA GRAD ACT information. She referred to the email sent by the provost on March 22 about the new benchmarks for our university.

3.                   Ms. Michaelides stated that the advising session would play a huge role in meeting the new benchmarks.

4.                   Ms. Michaelides stressed the importance of advisor comments in Flightpath. She stated that it is used to protect the advisor and the student. It helps subsequent advising when comments have been put in Flightpath, because the new advisor has an idea of the past sessions.

5.                   Ms. Michaelides showed some of the useful functions in flightpath and banner for advising.

a.       Transfer Credit Equivalency/comparison search found at the flightpath home page.


























b.       She explained how the numbers system in banner works for transfers: If there is a ULM equivalent, then the ULM number is applied to the transfer course. If there is no direct equivalent, then the first number indicates the course level (1, 2, 3, or 4) and the other spaces are filled with letters (example 2XXX for a sophomore level course with no direct equivalent)

c.       Ms. Michaelides asked about the college substitution form and who puts them in flightpath. In our college it is Judith Kalinich, Administrative Assistant 3.

d.      Ms. Michaelides showed faculty how to view a screen in Banner that is similar to the old CICPLUS 105 screen. Steps are: 1. In Banner, click on “student” (if you have never been a student at ULM, or don’t have access, contact Dr. Fellows).  2. Select “Look up Classes”, then Select “Term”, then do a course search. Select the course or the four letter identifier to manage the specificity of the search. It will almost all fit on one screen.

e.      A Banner issues list has been created and they are trying to correct issues.

                                                   i.      Banner doesn’t show the “W” when a student withdraws from a course.

                                                 ii.      Banner doesn’t show if a student has a previous degree

                                                iii.      Transfer courses that have a ULM equivalent has no originating institution information…That should change with this next year. We should watch for that.

f.        Advisors should view the registration history for the students they advise. This will give them some good advance information to help advising.

g.       Change of catalog forms need to be completed on students in the professional courses that are affected by the change to 120 hours for the degree. For students in professional courses who are currently under a catalog requiring 125 hours but will graduate with a 120 hour degree plan, a change of catalog is required.

h.      If a student that is in the professional courses and they are currently under a catalog that has 125 hours in the degree and they will graduate on the new 120 hour degree plan, then a catalog change is required.

i.         Ms. Michaelides will send an email with helpful information for advisors. Please pass it out to your faculty.

                                                   i.      It will have a check list for advising.

                                                 ii.      It is geared toward Grad Act requirements

                                                iii.      Best Idea is to help professional students with a plan “B”

j.        Ms. Michaelides ended her session with a call to all advisors to contact her if they have questions.

6.                   Dr. Fellows said that the General advising forms needed to be approved by Dr. Ryman before being sent to the departments.

7.                   Congratulations were extended to the STAP grant recipients: OTA, DH, and SLP

8.                   There is a new university-wide appeals form forthcoming that should be used for all appeals.

9.                   CAC adjourned at 5:03