College of Health Sciences


March 28, 2007


The College Administrative Council (CAC) met in the Nursing Conference room from 1:40 – 4:15 p.m.  Dr. Corder called the meeting to order.


In Attendance:  Dr. Jan Corder, Juliet Burgess, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Emily Doughty, Donna Eichhorn, Dr. Judy Fellows,

Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Jay Hicks, Beverly Jarrell, Belinda Morgan, Dr. Paxton Oliver, and Debbie Wisenor.


1.  Minutes.


Dr. Oliver informed the group of the process for minutes and that all will receive the previous week’s minutes no later than the next CAC Meeting on March 28, 2007.


2.  PULSE.



-          Debbie Wisenor reported that laptops for her area were being delivered at this time.

-          Dr. Oliver reported that Debbie Wisenor has been selected as a Teaching Scholar at West Virginia                            University in June.  She is one of 20 and will bring back information to share with the College of Health Sciences.

-          Area facilities have interviewed for available slots and decisions will be made known on this Friday.

-          Dr. Oliver suggested using the rural areas if possible.

-          Debbie Wisenor stated that this would be a good time to move towards accreditation; she spoke again to the possibility of SFMC’s Clinical Lab accreditation being adapted to ULM with the inclusion of             the faculty member who was the department head for SFMC’s Clinical Lab which would include the need for another faculty member.




-      Beverly Jarrell reported that the interview process is complete.  They had 90 applicants, interviewed 70 for 26 slots.


-      Have a Continuing Education Course scheduled Friday and Saturday at the Atrium.  Approximately 98 will be

       attending, plus students.  Two peridontists from Memphis will be presenting.


-      The department is reviewing possible change to simulation as a generational change; students want to have more

        hands on.


-          Dr. Oliver questioned if they got more chairs, would this help increase their available slots.  Beverly Jarrell stated

that space, chairs and volunteer dentist time is what motivates change.



-          Dr. Gibson reported that they have had a loss of 8 faculty members during 2006-07. 

-          Student load has increased, but Dr. Gibson feels this decreases the quality of the program.  Possible jeopardy with the Nursing Board if more changes are made to lessen faculty/student ratio.  Faculty is spending approximately 32 hours a week in contact hours.  All this combined puts the credibility of the program at stake.  She reported that other schools have adjunct staff, grants, and faculty fees paid by other areas that are not included in the budget and this is how they report low staff within their budgets.

-          Dr. Oliver suggested that they add into the report how the current model works and bring a faculty member to tell of their work day.


-          Jay Hicks reported that his trip to Washington was a success.  Jay educated several Legislators on their lack of knowing that imaging personnel should be licensed.   Jay hopes that it will pass in the House and Senate as Senator Rodney Alexander signed on as a co-sponsor of the Bill.

-      He stated for advanced certificate programs such as mammography and ultrasound there is a need for additional faculty at a higher rate of pay at $60,000 or more.


-          Dr. Dolecheck reported that calls and students are coming in regarding the new program. Dr. Dolecheck has scheduled 10-12 students for summer sessions.  There are 4 classes being offered. 

-      Equipment is arriving.  Need a small copier.

-      Third faculty to be hired by Fall; a former compliance officer with a Ph.D. from Texas.

-      Dr. Matthew Matusiak has accepted a research trip to study global warming in Antarctica two weeks in December.

-      Dr. Dolecheck voiced concern regarding the need to keep the web page current as it is time consuming.  It was suggested that an intern through CIS or Computer Science could be utilized for the function.  Dr. Corder and Dr. Oliver will investigate and bring information back.

3.  Administrative Support.

It was voiced by several that there is a need to have more support within the areas of CLS, RADT, and Health Studies.  Mrs. Wisenor, Dr. Dolecheck and Mr. Hicks are unaware of how to get office work done and whom to contact.  It was also voiced that some staff may not be providing needed information or of having knowledge of important information. 

Dr. Oliver suggested that an open forum at a CAC meeting may be the answer to these problems and he will discuss this with Dr. Corder.


4.  Dean’s Meeting of March 14, 2007.

-      Directed study cannot be counted towards work load, unless exception is made through the Dean’s Office

-      Course load reduction-Dr. Oliver stated that there is a process working in CODI and all should review this model and   be a part in the development of a college wide process.  A report is due to the Provost at the end of the semester.

-      Continue to forward your needs and concerns to the Dean’s office.

-      Project Request Forms-please make sure that you have completed a PRF and give to Sandra Barton, Facility Coordinator, for work to be done.  If work is being done without this form, it will be halted until proper paperwork is complete.

-      Faculty with 20 or more years can retire and return to work for one year with pay (no retirement pay) and begin drawing retirement in the 2nd year.  Have your staff check with HR for actuarial table.  There will be a retirement workshop at OPHS this summer.

-      Associate Deans have proposed a Summer Cap draft:

                                Presently: 7.25 x 9 mo. salary for 3 cr is the formula; cap is $3,400

                                Recommended 7.50 x 9 mo. salary for 3 cr; cap proposed is $4,500

This may assist in building a stellar summer program again.

-      Deadline to review catalog in the Registrar’s office is today at 4:00 p.m.

-      Dr. Dolecheck will call a budget committee meeting to discuss and review merit raises.

5.  New Faculty Orientation Packet.


6.  31 Ambassadors Scholarship.

Dr. Oliver stated that this is not an academic scholarship as it is based on the participants’ essays on various question2.  There are 4 slots per college.  Please submit 1 name to the Dean’s office from your area.  Deadline is April 20th.

7.  Background Checks

It was determined by those present that the faculty should work on this policy as they would be best knowledgeable on what the needs would be for the project.  A faculty committee will be formed and will include Dr. Matusiak as either a member or a consultant.

8.  Dr. James Cofer.

-      Dr. Gibson explained to him how the other schools reported staff and how they worked with a low staff ratio.  He    asked that they give him a report that reflects the numbers and it will be reviewed.

-      Reorganization – He stated that reorganization for this college did not save any money for faculty salaries; it is up to the Dean to make decisions about reorganization.

-      Salaries:  5% faculty raise and $1,500 non-faculty.  ULM will only receive 6.5M and this is reflected in the loss of 3000 students.  Need based scholarships will not be factored into the money ULM will receive.  There is additional money that the Board of Regents allocates in the month of October and perhaps ULM will receive some of this.  He stated that the Republicans don’t think the money is there.

-       New parking garage to house 300 cars (3 story building).

-       Stubbs may get a facelift to reflect how Filhiol was done.

-      Amphitheater is on hold.

-      University House (President’s home) is under construction.  Dr. Cofer explained that it would be more for entertaining purposes.

-      Nursing auditorium revision plans are in Capitol Outlay request.

-      Working on ADA access for Fant Ewing Coliseum.

-      Alternative Career Paths for students will begin this summer

-      Intellectual infrastructure is the next phase within the 5 year plans.

Submitted by Debra Bridges