College of Health Sciences


April 4, 2007


The College Administrative Council (CAC) met in the Nursing Conference room form 1:30 – 4:00 p.m.  Dr. Corder called the meeting to order.


In Attendance:  Dr. Jan Corder, Juliet Burgess,  Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Emily Doughty, Donna Eichhorn, Dr. Judy Fellows,

Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Jay Hicks, Belinda Morgan, Beverly Jarrell, Dr. Paxton Oliver, and Debbie Wisenor.                   


1.  Administrative Assistants Discussion

-CLSC:  Debbie Wisenor commented that after having visited with Diane Eubanks she is more comfortable knowing that duties will be performed on a regular basis.  Dr. Corder informed her that two assistants will come and organize files.  CLS main phone line will be forwarded to the Dean’s office and personal number removed from the web page.

-Health Studies:  Dr. Dolecheck asked if the assistant could make sure she receives a copy of the student’s change of major along with a transcript copy as her department is tracking these students for reasons other than their grades.  Dr. Corder will review this request.

-Nursing:  Juliet Burgess commented on the LPN files forwarded to her by Vicki Creighton.  These files may have students who are not at the level of transfer.  Dr. Corder requested the departments to generate a list of students who will be moving into the professional level and forward to Judy Kalinich to assure the appropriate students will be forwarded to their respective professional colleges.

-Dental Hygiene:  Beverly Jarrell expressed appreciation for the assistance she has received.  Said all the assistants have been helpful to her.

-CODI:  Dr. Fellows stated that things should be more consistent.  Need for notification when tasks are complete.  She has not received timesheets for adjunct faculty for March.  Beverly Jarrell suggested that Dr. Fellows print and make copies to have staff sign and date them as needed for payroll.

-Dr. Corder suggested to all that if there are important projects to be completed, please notify the Dean’s Office.  Each Monday an email will be sent to the department heads for a needs list and this will be prioritized and distributed to the appropriate assistant for completion.  Keep in mind that Terri Hendricks and Judy Kalinich are the contacts for scheduling the Nursing Auditorium.





-      Have received clinical acceptance results and eight were accepted at various sites.  Four students still to be placed.

-      Will be attending state meeting April 17-20; nine students will attend and SGA gave them $500 towards the trip.

-      Students will communicate with Dr. Brumfield on the difficulties of obtaining funds from SGA.  




-      Joanne Boult successfully defended and now has her Ph.D.

                -      Eight graduates for Oral and Written Comps (two for the summer).

                -      Graduation reception scheduled for May 18th at 4 pm in Brown Hall.

                -      Dr. Fellows will be attending a workshop next week in California.




-      Held Focus on Dentistry this past weekend.

                -      State meeting was attended by Mrs. Chaney and Mrs. Jordan.

                -      Graduate banquet is scheduled for May 11th.



-      Advising at this time.




-      SNA is today.

                -      Student award day is upcoming -  TBA.

                -      Two applicants received $10,000 grant for community involvement for breast health.




-      Receiving Applications of Intent.




-      Has received a competitive scholarship in the amount of $5,000.

                -      College of Health Sciences softball game will be April 20th at 1:00 p.m.


Dr. Corder asked that if the departments have students rolling off the College Student Council, please have a replacement ready for the April 24th meeting.


3.  Budget Committee.


Dr. Dolecheck reported that she has not scheduled a meeting to date.

Dr. Corder requested that this be done and that faculty evaluations need to be set into motion.


4.  31 Ambassadors Scholarship.


April 20th is deadline


5.  Background Check Committee.


Please forward names of faculty to be involved on this committee


6.  Biology Outcomes.


Dr. Corder and Dr. Oliver are working on reports to formulate a single list to the Biology Department and will meet with them to work needs into the program.


Dr. Fellows is working to get Biology 114 incorporated into CODI.


7.  New Employee Orientation. 


Dean’s Office Responsibilities added:             Telephone

                                                                                                Liaison for staff


Department Head Responsibilities added:       Evaluations

                                                                                                Faculty Active Data Base

                                                                                                Books, Supplies

                                                                                                Department Orientation

                                                                                                Copy Center Access

                                                                                                Building Access

                                                                                                Elevator Access


8.  Workload Policy for College.


Continuing to collect data to formulate a college wide policy that also ties into Course Load Reduction Policy and Procedure.  One overlaps into the other.



9.  Other.


-Formulating Advising Policy and Procedures to streamline process. 


-Substance Abuse Policy & Procedure Committee is ready to have this information reviewed for approval and possible implementation this Fall.


-FRYS –Health Sciences will have 7 of the 15 sections.  Please have faculty volunteer to teach.


-Admission Lists – please forward to Dean as soon as they are set.  It was asked of RADT to change their application date to May 1 to have admission list ready by the end of May.


-ASAHP Update – Trends article on the web site is very informative, please read.


-College orientation-Dr. Gibson requested input for implementation this Fall from each area.  Will move to SUB with small reception to follow.


-Career Day is slated from April 18th


-Emmy Doughty reported that the Franklin Parish Health Fair is still on go for April 28th, 8:30 a – 1:00 p


-Dr. Oliver reported that by written request per the Dean, the Ladder Students will be placed under the Seniors and Special Groups to register early for General Education Courses to begin this Fall.  

Submitted by Debra Bridges