College of Health Sciences


April 18, 2007


The College Administrative Council (CAC) met in the Nursing Conference room from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.  Dr. Oliver called the meeting to order.


In Attendance:  Dr. Paxton Oliver, Juliet Burgess, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Emily Doughty, Dr. Judy Fellows,

Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Jay Hicks, Beverly Jarrell, Peggy Meredith, and Belinda Morgan.


Absent:  Dr. Jan Corder – excused

                Debbie Wisenor - excused                                                                                


1.  Advancement & External Affairs Office of Development.


Cindy Leath, ULM Development Associate, will be working with department heads to assure the appropriate and timely distribution of departmental scholarships.  The Foundation website will be updated to have a listing of available scholarships and each area will be notified in advance of timelines for students to apply.


2.  PULSE.


Dean’s Office


-      Dr. Oliver requested all COHS Faculty to be open minded, move forward, and support the incoming



-      Minutes from March 21, 28 and April 4 will be sent electronically and all are asked to review with comments to Dr.

       Oliver.  He will electronically post when they are due.


-      Vicki Creighton is working on forms that she is utilizing in advising.  These forms will be distributed soon.


-      Dr. Gibson announced that several staff (Rayne, Lowder, Glaze and Shows) had received a partial grant for $40,000 to construct an Intensive Care Unit Simulation.  Dr. Oliver asked what amount it would take for full implementation.        Dr. Gibson stated that $78,000 would be needed for full implementation.

-      Emmy Doughty reminded faculty of the Community Heath Fair scheduled for April 28th.  OTA and Health Studies   department heads questioned their activity involvement.  It was stated that this was a time to possibly do recruitment as this is being done on a minority grant and there will be a variety of age groups visiting the health fair.  The use of departmental display boards and handouts for this occasion is useful.  Emmy Doughty will email all with time and directions.


-      Mrs. Meredith reported that the OTA Department is working with two local elementary schools, Lincoln Elementary and Minnie Ruffin, on the Stop the Bullying Program.  She asked those present to consider this a project for potential grants.  She did have a visual of what the students had done and a t-shirt they are using for the program.

3.  Criminal Background Check Committee.

CLSC and RADT have submitted names for this committee.  Dr. Oliver asked that each department head submit a staff name (and a student name if you wish) by noon tomorrow (4-19-07).

4.  Faculty Orientation Form.

An updated form will be forwarded.  Please make suggestions and corrections as needed.


5.  Biology Outcomes.

A corrected copy was distributed.  It is requested that all review for accurateness. A future meeting will be set up between Dr. Pritchett, Biology head, and all COHS administrators.  Discussion will center on biology outcome needs in COHS department curricula.

6.  Budget Committee.


Dr. Dolecheck reported that the committee met this past Monday and primarily reviewed the Faculty Evaluation Matrix used in 2006.  There were revisions to wording.  Some suggestions were to have job descriptions for department heads/faculty and to be more specific about ranking classifications such as “meets and exceeds expectations”.  Discussions are ongoing.


Faculty raises for next year are projected to be about 5%.


7.  OTHER.


Department Inventory:  Dr. Oliver read a request by Sandra Barton, Business/Facilities Manager, that CODI, DHYG, NURS sign and return the “Take Home Inventory” form for any COHS equipment used off campus and to sign the “Inventory Certification” form.  Concern was voiced that items were found in respective departments and forms were sent with a request for departments head to verify existence of found/scanned items.  Dr. Oliver will have Sandra Barton sign a letter of verification for items found in departments. Department heads are to review her signed document prior to their signature.

Submitted by Debra Bridges