College of Health Sciences

CAC Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2010


Presiding: Dean D. Ryman

Recording: Dr. E. Doughty


The College Administrative Council (CAC) met in the Dean’s Conference Room. Dr. Ryman called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.


Present: Dean Ryman, Dr. P. Oliver, Mr. B. Bennett, Ms. T. Soileau, Ms. M. Chapman, Ms. P. Calk, Dr. J. Dolecheck, Dr. E. Doughty, Dr. J. Fellows, and Ms. B. Jarrell.


Excused: Dr. F. Gibson


Guest: Ms. D. Glaze, COHS Representative on University IT Committee 


Memorial Service: The memorial service for Dr. Greg Leader will be at 7:00 p.m. today at Kilpatrick’s Funeral Home in West Monroe. Visitation with be today from 5:00-7:00 at Kilpatrick’s.


IT Steering Committee: Ms. Glaze reviewed some concerns of the IT Committee, including the need for a 24 hour per day computer/technology help desk. This is especially a concern when considering the on-line student population and the new push for Gold student enrollment. The IT Committee also has a concern about the age of faculty computers on this campus. Ms. Glaze requested CAC members to send ideas and concerns regarding IT to her so she can submit the common themes of concern to the IT Steering Committee. May 1 is the submission deadline of concerns to Ms. Glaze. (Ms. Glaze left the meeting after this discussion.)


Dean of Pharmacy: Dr. Ryman announced that a search for a new Dean of Pharmacy will be reopened. Two previous candidates for the Dean’s position will be contacted regarding the opening for a new dean.


Congratulations:  Dr. Ryman extended congratulations to Mr. Bennett and the Radiologic Technology Department for receiving a grant in the amount of $32,000. This grant will be used to purchase a FUJI CR reader; this viewing technique is very advanced and does not require chemicals. Dr. Ryman also congratulated Dr. Doughty and the School of Nursing for a very good re-accreditation visit exit report. Additionally, Dr. Ryman congratulated the School of Nursing for approximately $32,000 grant received by Ms. Linda Reid.


Dr. Ryman distributed a handout with building closures for 2010 Summer I and Summer II semesters. Classroom and office changes were discussed as per handout.


School of Nursing Building: Dr. Ryman announced the renovation of the School of Nursing Building is to be completed by June 1. Departmental moves back to this building will occur as soon as furniture is assembled and placed. The Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Radiologic Technology will likely move first. Then, the School of Nursing Administration will move, followed by the School of Nursing faculty. The computer lab and skills lab will then be moved back to the renovated building. Dr. Ryman encouraged everyone to begin collecting boxes for the move.


Dental Hygiene: Dr. Ryman announced that Dental Hygiene has been awarded $831,000 by the U. S. Senate; this money is to be used for equipment only.


On-line Classes: Dr. Ryman pointed out that the COHS has a capacity to grow through on-line class offerings. There is a vital need for increasing the numbers of students in the COHS on-line classes, which currently are departments of Health Studies, Dental Hygiene, Radiologic Technology, and Nursing.  SLP has submitted their first online course offering to QM. “Language Structure” will be offered during summer 1, 2010 to students receiving the add-on certification in ESL. There is funding available to hire adjunct faculty to teach the on-line classes. There is a possibility that Medical Laboratory Science will have some on-line course offerings in Fall 2011.


Crosswalk of Classes: Dr. Dolecheck reminded department heads of the e-mail she sent out with the crosswalk of courses between Health Studies and the curriculums of other departments within the COHS. The comparisons need to be reviewed and decided upon ASAP. There was distribution of a handout with the crosswalk and a possible statement regarding an option to take Health Studies courses; this information could be inserted in the rejection letters utilized by the other COHS departments. The intent of the paragraph introducing the other options allows us to give students a viable option to remain at ULM and in the COHS. There may be a student contract used to help students stay focused on needed course completion. Dr. Dolecheck noted that the crosswalk was completed according to the current catalog and may need to be adjusted if a department has had curricular changes. Dr. Dolecheck also mentioned that departments might want to consider placing the finalized crosswalk on the department web page. Responses from department heads are needed by next week.


Admissions: Admission numbers for each department were discussed.


Meeting adjourned: 4:30 p.m.