College of Health Sciences

Minutes for CAC Meeting

April 22, 2009

 Presiding: Dr. Denny Ryman

Recording: Linda Bryan

 The College Administrative Council (CAC) met in the Dean’s Conference room. Dean Ryman called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

In attendance: Dr. Paxton Oliver, Mr. Brett Bennett, Dr. Linda Bryan Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Ms. Donna Eichhorn, Dr. Judy Fellows, Ms. Beverly Jarrell, Ms. Belinda Morgan, Ms. Debbie Wisenor.

Not present (excused): Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Dr. Johanna Boult

1.             General Budget Information / Update (Dean Ryman)

·        Budget issues are dynamic and changes occur almost daily

·        The University Budget Committee (UBC) has indicated a strong commitment to save all academic programs. Programs will remain intact with other areas being considered for budget reductions. The UBC is working extensively to maintain the integrity of academics.


2.          Health Screening Unit (Dean Ryman)

·        The Health Screening Mobile Unit is approved and in the process of being built. It will be used by Dental Hygiene and other departments for health care, various health fairs, and educational purposes as needed. Driver’s training is needed to drive the unit.


3.          Economic Stimulus Grant / Dean Ryman

·        A total of ten million dollars is available in an Economic Stimulus Grant whose purpose is to upgrade laboratory experiences. Several departments have submitted or are in process of submitting proposals.


4.       Elsie Webb Estate /  Dean Ryman

·        $113,000.00 was donated by the estate of Elsie Webb, an area business-person

·        The money is designated for cancer research

·        Dean Ryman is exploring the idea of making some of the money available as college-wide pilot-study grants

·        All proposals would be directed toward cancer research 


5.       Intern Screening Document / Dr. Oliver

·        Dr. Oliver passed out on on-going draft of the intern screening document and indicated that it remains a work in progress


6. / Dr. Oliver

·        Students will be informed of requirements for background check and drug screening

prior to attending off campus clinical rotations.

·        It is the responsibility of each department to inform students of background check and drug screening requirements as mandated by affiliation agreements.

·        Each department should direct their pre-intern students to the website and give the student the department code.

·        It is the student’s obligation to comply with the requirements for the background check/drug screening and pay for the expense of each. The cost is about $45-65 for background checks and $40 for drug screens.

·        Electronic results will go to the COHS Dean’s office where Dr. Oliver has executive privilege to view results. Dr. Oliver will inform DHs of “information of concern” or clearance to begin the internship.

·        If “information of concern” is uncovered, the student will not be allowed to begin the internship.  Appeals must be submitted to the Dean


7.      Voluntary System of Accountability / VSA

·        Graduating seniors are being asked by the Office of Assessment and Evaluation to participate in a voluntary testing process whereby institutional data will be gathered for viewing and comparison across Louisiana campuses

·        The Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) is a product of ACT and will include a 50 minute critical thinking objective exam and two 20-minute writing essay exams

·        Participation is voluntary

·        A sealed letter to each graduating senior was distributed to DHs. A schedule of potential times to take the exam was included

8.      Draft COHS Transfer and Substitution Forms (Dr. Dolecheck)

  • Preliminary COHS transfer and substitution forms were passed out by Dr. Dolecheck for department heads to review

9.  The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.