College of Health Sciences
June 14, 2007

The College Administrative Council (CAC) met in the Dean's Conference room (Sugar 150) from
1:30 - 2:45 p.m. Dr. Oliver called the meeting to order.

In Attendance: Dr. Paxton Oliver, Andy Allen, Juliet Burgess, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Emily Doughty, Donna Eichhorn, Dr. Judy Fellows, Jay Hicks, Belinda Morgan, and Debbie Wisenor.

Absent: Dr. Florencetta Gibson - excused
Beverly Jarrell - excused

1. Pulse.

Dean's Office

- Minutes have been approved from April 3rd and 18th but have not been posted to the website to date. IT person responsible for having minutes posted is on vacation.

- Dr. Oliver will be commencement speaker for summer graduation.


- Debbie Wisenor reported that she attended a Life Long Learners conference at the University of West Virginia Health Science Center. There were 15 of 20 invited who attended. Focus was on “Learn How to Learn How the Young Learn”. Also there was information on 'difficult students, case based and concept learning'.

- Will possibly do skit “World's Worst Lecture” for CAC in the future.


- Jay Hicks reported that he attended a Radiography workshop at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He and his staff will be able to offer CEs to area technologists on digital radiography.

- Jay Hicks also was a speaker at both the National and State Radiology meetings. - Have 40 applications and in the process of reviewing for acceptance.


- Mrs. Eichhorn, Interim Department Head, reported that their application process is complete. - Will begin classes in 2 weeks.

- Working to fill part-time position for Fall 2007.

- Carolyn Murphy has been hired full-time to the department.

HLST - Dr. Dolecheck reported that she has hired a third faculty member. - Two courses being offered during Summer 1: Ethics and Issues

NURS - Emily Doughty reported they have accepted 50 new Level 1 candidates and have received 34 acceptance letters to date. Additionally, 2 LPNs have been accepted. - Cancelled summer camp due to low enrollment. - 2 new rooms for nursing: 215 with be an Intensive Care Unit Simulator and room 243 will be a Simulated Specialty Lab Unit.


- Dr. Fellows reported that they are in summer clinic at this time and have an all time high clinic attendance. - Accreditation report is due in July. - Standards will change in January and must have proof of how the department is in compliance.

- HRSA Grant preparation

- Dr. Boult is full-time faculty and have new full-time adjunct faculty member, Meg Haden.

2. Internet Journal for Students.

- Names added to the list were Dr. Johanna Boult, Becky Bonin-CODI; Carolyn Murphy-OTA;
Lacy Davis-RADT

3. Substance Abuse Update.

- Juliet Burgess reported that the report has been trimmed down to approximately 10-12 pages. It is ready for the Dean to review and approve. Issues and concerns include: contract, expansion, testing costs and how policy/procedures will be implemented. Will move forward with this process when Dean is in place and does review.

4. Background Checks Update.

- Andy Allen reported that his committee reviewed several other programs policies/procedures and will piggyback using appropriate school information. Company that most use is Verified Credentials and they charge $50 per person per check. Questions and concerns were: Who would decline students with questionable results; have a general policy for the School and be more specific within the individual departments; include a broad statement in the catalog per program.

- Suggestions included to have results the reviewed by the Dept. Head, compliance officer, and then forward to Dean/Associate Dean, with possible appeal through the Provost's office. Will continue with the process and keep the committee informed.

5. Budget Committee.

- Dr. Dolecheck reported that in the previous budget year an Evaluation Matrix was formulated with a Narrative Procedure. The committee made minor changes to the Evaluation Matrix upon review and refined the Narrative Procedure which was approved today. Dr. Oliver would like the new Dean to review also.

6. College Display Board Buzz Statements.

- Dr. Oliver has received from each department and will post for each Department Head to review so that it will be ready for Fall 2007.

7. Clinical Faculty Designation.

- Copies of procedures to add clinical faculty to staff were distributed. It is an opportunity for departments to have non-tenured staff at assistant, associate or professor rank based on specific criteria by the department. Each will send an email to Dr. Oliver stating if they wish to proceed with this project.

8. Other.

- Debbie Wisenor questioned if the sticky posting grade sheets were necessary and if they will be discontinued. This will be one item for the new Dean to review and act on.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Debra Bridges