College of Health Sciences

CAC Meeting Minutes

July 7, 2010


Presiding: Dr. Denny Ryman, Dean

Recording: Brett Bennett


The College Administrative Council (CAC) met in the MLS/Radtech Conference Room. Dr. Ryman called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.


Present: Dr. Ryman (Dean), Dr. Fellows (Associate Dean), Mr. B. Bennett (RADT), Dr. J. Boult (SLP), Ms. D. Wisenor (MLS), Ms. P. Calk (OTA), Dr. J. Dolecheck (HLST), and Dr. F. Gibson (NURS).


School of Nursing Building Update:

-          There are still about 20 pages of items to complete. Dr. Pani and Dr. Richters will be reviewing the progress next week. Dr. Ryman talked with some of the faculty and they are pleased overall with the building. One issue is the need for more storage space. Dr. Ryman stated that we may need to review to see how faculty can store more books.

-          The building has a new air system that allows for individual controls in each office.

-          New procedure for reporting issues with the facilities is for instructors to email their Department Heads who will e-mail Dr. Fellows who will contact Shane. Dr. Ryman stated that this is the procedure and departments should not go through anyone else to get facilities issues taken care of. This allows for the Deanís office to be aware of current issues and fixes.

-          One issue noted by Debbie Wisenor is that all of the filing cabinets are legal size. Dr. Ryman asked Dr. Fellows to contact Jason about this issue.

-          Dr. Richters visited the building and met with Dr. Gibson. He gave her a list of items that need to be addressed. Dr. Gibson will email the list to Dr. Fellows.


ULM Leadership:

-          Dr. Richters is the Acting President of the University. He will become Interim President on August 1st. Dr. Pani is the acting Provost, and he will become Interim Provost after August 1st. Dr. Bill McCown is the Acting Associate Provost, and he will become Interim Associate Provost August 1.

-          The Louisiana System is taking applications for the Presidentís position. The intent is to have someone in place by January. The interview committee has been selected.


Transfer Policy:

-          Dr. Pani informed the Dean that this policy is already approved by the State and he is currently looking for the written verification of the approval. The policy reportedly states that if a student has an associate degree, they would not have to take the general education core requirements unless the courses were required for a particular degree. Discussion ensued from the chairs and the dean further explained how the transfer policy would help recruiting and make transition easier for students. He will let us know more when Dr. Pani gets the information.


On-line Programs:

-          There is funding for adjunct faculty to teach the online courses. The Dean stated that we can take as many students as we can, and if we need more adjunct faculty for those classes to inform him. He stated that departments should hire adjuncts that they are satisfied with.

-          So far the university has a good reputation with our graduates and there is increased pressure to get more online students if possible.

-          Advertising will go to every Hospital HR and junior college in the region from Texas to Florida.


Retirement Issues:

-          Some of the faculty members who retired in January are asking if they can be included in the buy-out package that was offered in June. No new information is available on this situation. If anyone asks about the issue they should be directed to the Deanís office.


Dr. Fellows:

-          All student issues are to be sent to Dr. Fellows.

-          CLS/RADT/NURS need to send to Dr. Fellows a list of White Board needs and a list of names for parking tags.



-†††† Open House for Nursing Building is scheduled for September 16th.



Meeting adjourned: 3:20 p.m.