COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES                                                                 

Minutes of CAC Meeting

August 16, 2011


Presiding:  Dr. Denny Ryman

Recording:  Dr. Patti Calk


In attendance:  Dr. Judy Fellows, Mr. Brett Bennett , Dr. Johanna Boult,  Dr. Patti Calk., Dr. Jessica Dolecheck,  Dr. Emily Doughty, Ms. Beverly Jarrell, and Ms. Debbie Wisenor


Dean Ryman called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  

Announcements made:

1.            Plans for renovation of Sugar Hall will include moving Occupational Therapy and Dental Hygiene

departments to Sugar Hall and enhancing Speech-Language Pathology, Health Studies, and the

main COHS offices.

2.            ULM’s new Ed.D. in Curriculum, Teaching and Policy with a concentration in Health Professions Education is the only one in the nation. The first cohort will begin this Fall semester. The program will increase research opportunities to faculty in Radiologic Technology, Medical Laboratory Science, and Occupational Therapy. Brett Bennett, Andy Allen, Debbie Wisenor, and Penny Jones have been accepted into the first cohort.

3.            Formation of COHS Web and Technology Committee

a.       Dean Ryman provided a list of recommended committee members from each department. Mr. Andy Allen to chair the committee.

b.      Dean Ryman needs response from department heads this week on acceptance of the committee members.

c.       Committee needs to meet early in the semester

4.            Department Heads are requested to announce to faculty and students information about upcoming events of the COHS and ULM. Information can be posted on Moodle as well as announced in class.

a.     Please document each week as information is updated

5.            PREP

a.     The COHS plans to work with PREP staff during the Spring semester to create activities to

         provide clinic information, tours and activities during PREP to better inform freshman  

         about HS programs.

6.            Alpha Eta

a.      Mrs. Beverly Jarrell will email departments with information and deadline.

b.      Need to establish meeting schedule and elections 

7.            Visiting Scholar

a.     The Dean’s office is investigating the possibility of sponsoring a Fulbright Visiting Scholar to

 enhance Student Professional Development and visibility of the COHS in the community.

b.     Provide any suggestions for topics to Dr. Fellows

8.            EXPO

a.     The Health EXPO will be Saturday, October 15, 2011 at the Monroe Civic Center from 10:00

am to 4:00 pm.

b.    The COHS will have a double booth featuring the Clinics of Dental Hygiene and Speech-

Language Pathology

c.     Dental Hygiene and Speech-Language Pathology faculty and students will work booths to

provide information

d.      Dean Ryman and Dr. Fellows will also attend. All faculty are welcome to attend.


9.            Newsletter

a.    The COHS newsletter will be developed this fall for early spring publication.

b.    Information from each department is requested including accomplishments, information

about the MOT Bridge, MLS accreditation and Bridge program, RT online program, Nursing

online program and all terminal degrees achieved.

c.     Provide all information to Dr. Fellows.

d.    The Health Studies intern will be working on the newsletter and can do interviews and write

        the articles. Make requests through Dr. Fellows.

10.          COHS Retention Activity Examples

a.    Dr. Fellows provided department heads information that each department uses for


 11.         Tailgating

a.    The COHS will tailgate for ULM homecoming, October 29 game against Western Kentucky

       2:30 game.

12.          The COHS is trying to set up a Career Library in Sugar 356.

a.       Two computers will be set up in the Career Library for students to research potential careers and jobs.

b.      Department Heads need to provide information for the Career Library to Dr. Fellows.

c.       Students will check out the key from the Dean’s office and leave ID or driver’s license in exchange for the key.

13.          Sophomore Year Experience: Interactive Social Information Session

a.    To provide an opportunity for sophomore students who have not yet been admitted to one

       of the professional programs to interact, gain information and make contact with other

       COHS programs.

b.    Date: Thursday, October 20, 2011. Time: 5:00-6:00 pm. Location: Nursing Auditorium

       followed by refreshments in the Nursing Student Lounge.

c.    Refreshments to include cookies and punch

d.    Incentives to attend: It was recommended that door prizes be provided possibly including

       restaurant  gift cards, ULM items and t-shirts, jump drives. Mr. Bennett will provide

       information to Dr. Fellows regarding company that sells jump drive with logo.

e.    Mr. Bennett suggested that we ask the Student Success Center advisors to provide the

       information about the social to these students.

14.          Beginning Freshman Initiative

a.    Medical Laboratory Science and Radiologic Technology departments will consider pre- 

       accepting academically strong incoming freshmen into their professional programs.

b.    Pre-acceptance criteria would need to be established

c.    Decision about feasibility needs to be made by December 1, 2011.

15.          Pre-Health Sciences Club

a.    Feedback on Greek letters and applicable “catch phrase” to be provided to Dr. Fellows

b.    Mrs. Wisenor suggested allowing non-health science students to join to provide more

       information.   Possible other majors include biology and pre-med.

16.          New admits to a professional program

a.    Dean Ryman wants to provide a letter of welcome, and possibly ULM COHS decal and jump

       drive to students in the orientation packet.

17.          CAC meetings will be held about every four weeks during the fall semester.  A schedule will be forthcoming.


The meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.