College of Health Sciences

Minutes for CAC Meeting

September 5, 2007                              


Presiding: Dr. Denny Ryman

Recording: Emily Doughty


The College Administrative Council (CAC) met in the Dean’s Conference room from 2:00-3:20 p.m. Dr. Ryman called the meeting to order.


In attendance: Dr. Denny Ryman, Mr. Brett Bennett, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Ms. Emily Doughty, Ms. Donna Eichhorn, Dr. Judy Fellows, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Ms. Beverly Jarrell, Ms. Belinda Morgan, Dr. Paxton Oliver, Ms. Debbie Wisenor. 


  1. Glenwood update – Dr. D. Ryman


·        The proposal for the community assessment was sent to the Glenwood Foundation about five days ago. The Foundation will make its recommendation on Friday, September 07, 2007.


2.      University Travel Fund - Dr. D. Ryman


·        There is University money available for travel this year. These funds will support approximately 30-50 applicants with $800-$1200 each.

·        When appropriate, there will be a requirement of the attendee to present either formally or a poster presentation.

·        Those applications for travel related to accreditation or re-accreditation will be given preference.


3.      Online Course Support – Dr. D. Ryman


·        There is a University fund for training in online course development and for the actual online course development.

·        When an online course is developed and placed on the web, the developer will be paid $3000.

·        There may be a requirement for the developer to participate in an in service education program.


4.      Indirect Costs – Dr. D. Ryman


·        There are plans to return indirect cost payments back to the College or to the Department of origin.

·        There were questions pertaining to the percent of the indirect costs from grants which will be returned to the Department. Dr. Ryman will report on this at a later date.

·        If these payments are returned to the College, Dr. Ryman will return the payments to the Department of origin.

·        The money is not to be used for adjunct faculty, but may otherwise be used at the Department Head’s discretion. For example, the money may be used for faculty travel.


5.      Professional Student Orientation


·        There was a general discussion regarding the attributes of the Professional Student Orientation.

·        Dr. P. Oliver complimented B. Bennett on the HIPAA presentation.

·        Dr. J. Fellows expressed concern that this orientation might not be appropriate for the graduate students in CODI. She noted that the orientation worked well for the undergraduate students. Dr. Fellows would like to develop an orientation for graduate students only. After further discussion, it was agreed that this current orientation program will be for undergraduate students only.

·        B. Bennett voiced that he had positive feedback from the Radiologic Technology students. He stated that the presentations by the senior nursing students made a very positive impact on the new students. He would like to see more involvement of other upperclassmen and suggested that there be more mingling of the attendees. Perhaps moving the students’ mingling earlier in the program might be a positive change in the orientation. There was also a suggestion regarding the assignment of seats to disciplines in order to promote more interdisciplinary mingling.

·        There was a discussion regarding clarification of the logistics of the game that was played by the students. B. Jarrell stated that more upperclassmen’s involvement in the game might be a positive change in the format.

·        Dr. F. Gibson led a discussion on the most suitable time of day for the orientation. B. Jarrell stated that Dental Hygiene students could come earlier than 5:00 p.m. Dr. J. Fellows noted that CODI students are out of class by 3:30 p.m.; D. Eichhorn noted that the OTA students are out of class by 4:00 p.m.; Clinical Laboratory Science, Nursing, and Radiologic Technology could also come earlier than 5:00 p.m. Dr. D. Ryman suggested that the time of the next orientation be at an earlier time. A decision will be made at a later date.

·        Dr. F. Gibson summarized the discussion and suggestions for the orientation as the following: attendance by undergraduate students only, to be held at an earlier time of the day, game questions will be revised and there needs to be more upperclassmen participation, the student mingling component needs to be moved to an earlier place in the program, and there is a possibility of assigning seats to specific disciplines.


6.      Dean’s Student Council – Dr. D. Ryman


·        Dr. Ryman would like to have a student council composed of two undergraduate students from each discipline to meet with him a couple of times each semester. The inclusion of graduate students will be discussed later. There is a possibility of including one graduate student and one undergraduate student from CODI.

·        D. Wisenor mentioned the current COHS Student Council. Dr. Ryman would like a separate council because of the difference in focus. The current council’s focus is for some community service, but is primarily for socialization between disciplines within the College. The focus of this new council will be scholarly activities and student service, those activities which help the students and the College advance. 

·        Dr. Ryman will assign the new council extra duties and will give the committee a set of guidelines. There will be $10,000 to fund this organization for work on community projects, travel to conferences, and other activities which will help student development.

·        The student group will be asked about interest in developing a student initiated online journal; this journal will be developed and edited by students. Some graduate schools require student publications prior to student acceptance into their programs. Dr. Ryman will serve as the advisor for the journal, but there may be a need for some faculty advisement for specialty areas. There is a possibility of charging for advertising within the journal; this advertising could generate funding for maintaining this student group and the journal. Target date for journal will be within the next year.

·        Dr. J. Fellows noted that there might be a difference in those students appointed by faculty and those students which are elected by their peers.

·        Dr. P. Oliver and D. Wisenor suggested the name of the new council be the Dean’s Student Cabinet. There was general agreement on this name.

·        Dr. Ryman would like to bring in some well-known presenters for in-service education presentations to faculty and students. He has already spoken to the Commander of the Public Health Service.

·        Dr. Ryman emphasized that this committee would not be a gripe session or a faculty bashing session. The focus is academic advancement.

·        The two student rep. names from each department are due to Dr. Ryman by October 1, 2007.


7.      Individual Weekly Meetings With Department Heads – Dr. D. Ryman


·        The CAC meeting schedule of every two weeks is sufficient for the group. However, Dr. Ryman would like to meet with each Department Head on a weekly basis starting next week. The specific schedule will be determined later with each Department Head. There was unanimous agreement that this would be a good idea.


8.      Evaluations – Dr. D. Ryman


·        Dr. Ryman expressed appreciation for all of the hard work on evaluations of faculty.

·        Dr. Ryman is working on retooling the current evaluation tool; he is reviewing multiple evaluation tools from other places.

·        He noted the need for two distinct evaluation forms, one for faculty and one for the Department Heads or Chairs.

·        Dr. Ryman will be working on quantifying the leadership role and making the evaluation more specific.

·        E. Doughty asked about the time-line of distributing the new evaluation form to faculty so they will know what to expect regarding evaluation.

·        Dr. F. Gibson noted that faculty members generally respond more positively when they are informed of changes as early as possible.

·        Dr. Ryman stated that the form will be available to the CAC within two weeks for review and discussion. The CAC will then decide when to implement the new form.

·        Dr. J. Fellows asked about using the current goals and percentages which faculty have developed. Dr. Ryman noted that these will fit within the new evaluation form.


9.      Other


·        D. Wisenor reminded the group of the Race for the Cure this Saturday morning, September 8, 2007 beginning at 7:30 a.m. at Forsythe Park in Monroe. Anyone needing to register may do so at the old Stage location in Pecanland Mall or at the registration table at the Race. Race t-shirts have been delivered to each department.

·        Dr. J. Fellows asked about having College shirt for next year’s Race, but one without a specific date. D. Wisenor mentioned that the College usually has a shirt for homecoming and for other events, so getting a shirt to wear to special events might be a good idea.

·        Dr. F. Gibson noted that there is nothing in the campus bookstore with the College designation. Dr. Ryman will check on finding out about getting College specific items available in the bookstore.

·        Dr Ryman reminded the committee to be sure and voice any concerns to him as needed.


10. Meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.