CAC Meeting

September 9, 2009

4:00   5:00 pm

Dean’s Conference Room



Present:  Dean Ryman, Mr. Bennett, Dr. Boult, Ms. Calk, Dr. Dolecheck, Ms. Emmy Doughty, Dr. Fellows, Dr. Gibson, Ms. Jarrell, Dr. Oliver, and Ms. Wisenor. 


  • COHS Logo: Dean presented several COHS draft logo’s to Department Heads; Design #3 approved as official logo for COHS; Logo will be depicted on our COHS homepage, bookstore, etc. Design will be ready within a few weeks.

  • Health Screening Unit Update: Dean provided an update on unit regarding the need for adding equipment/other such as pictures and additional decoration. Money available for gas and supplies. Unit can be used for public relations, Dental Hygiene --oral care, CLS – cholesterol glucose testing, etc. Department heads must identify how they will use the unit and provide potential events that unit could be used by the end of the week.

  • H1N1:
    • A number of cases can be expected
    • Each department must identify and implement a plan to address make-ups for students and faculty/students absences
    • No documentation needed from students regarding H1N1
    • Students should call Department Head or Dean’s office for notification of diagnosis
    • Faculty should be flexible with assignments and due dates
    • If students exhibit symptoms, should be asked to go home
    • Currently, some states are mandating workers to get vaccinated
    • Vaccination should be available mid October.
    • Dr. Gibson indicated that Nursing has a plan in place for absent faculty; Dean requests that an abstract of nursing plan be sent to him. 
    • Suggestions made regarding having electronic assignments, other as back-ups to cover classes if faculty out.
    • Students with H1N1 will be asked to stay in their rooms or go home if possible


  • Homecoming Update: Patti Calk provided updates on homecoming; October 3 – game time 2:30; Tailgating occurs from 11-1:30 on homecoming day; T-shirts are ready at $12; COHS Tent to be set-up in same spot as last year; Mobile unit will be displayed; Louisiana Cattlemen Association providing meat and cooking; COHS Student organizations will be asked to provide condiments.

  •      E-Mag: Dr. Fellows informed committee that a COHS newsletter will be developed using Z-Mag software; the COHS newsletter will highlight each program.  Department Heads to send Dr. Fellows pertinent information about their program including departmental highlights, faculty and student news, and pictures by the end of the month (September 30).

  • University Task Force: ULM cabinet, consultants, Deans and other ULM administrators worked to identify and form several new university committees to form a potential response to the Tucker Commission report. Examples of university committees are: Academic Program Review, Revenue Generation, Curriculum Review, and Academic Productivity and Performance Committee.

  • MISC: Dean discussed that COHS, Pharmacy and Education are key colleges for student appeal; Annual fund getting geared up and Dean to potentially use funds for equipment purchases and faculty development; Online programs are very profitable for university; Tucker updates to be received by end of month; SLP dedication a huge success; Moodle issues continue; Dr. Dolecheck on committee to address policies regarding online learner and teaching. 




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Dr. Jessica Dolecheck