College of Health Sciences
September 13, 2006

The College Administrative Council (CAC) met in the Nursing Conference room from 3:00-4:45. Dr. Corder called the meeting to order.

In Attendance: Dr. Jan Corder, Juliet Burgess, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Emmy Doughty, Norma Johnson for Dr. Judy Fellows, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Jay Hicks, Beverly Jarrell, Peggy Meredith, Marge Michel, Belinda Morgan, Dr. Paxton Oliver, and Debbie Wisenor.

1. Advising.

Barbara Michelaides introduced JoAnn Perrer who will be integrating data into a new program for electronic degree audits. Ms. Perrer will need degree requirement sheets from all departments so that she can input the data into the program.

2. Approval of Minutes.

Dr. Corder asked for a motion to approve the minutes from August 30, 2006. The motion to approve was given by Dr. Gibson and seconded by Emmy Doughty. Minutes were posted on-line September 14, 2006.

3. Pulse.

- Debbie Wisenor has been very busy and is hoping to hire new faculty this semester.
- COHS was named the largest university team on September 9, 2006 at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.
- The Blood Drive will be the week of September 18, 2006 in front of Nursing.

- Norma Johnson reported that everything is going well with students and faculty.

- Beverly Jarrell has concerns about building repairs and face-lifts to Caldwell Hall.
- She also has concerns for clinic supplies and copying.

- The Provost will present the proposal on September 28, 2006 to the Board of Regents meeting in Ruston.
- Things are moving along quickly.
- The HS needs to have another doctorally prepared faculty member on staff by January 2007 or program will not begin.

- The Nursing Advisory Council will be meeting in Nursing on September 30, 2006.
- Dr. Gibson reported that everything is going well in Nursing.

- Peggy Meredith has concerns about building repairs and face-lifts to Caldwell Hall.
- She also has concerns about copying educational materials.
- There is 100% participation this year in the Student Occupational Therapy Association.

- Jay Hicks will be meeting with LSU-Conway's new Radiology Supervisor and CTC at Conway to discuss sharing the clinical site.
- Jay Hicks will be chairman of LSRT's Mid-Winter Conference to be held in March 2007.

- Marge Michel reported that everything is going well.

4. Old Business.

a. Drug Policy
Dr. Oliver reported that Diane Singletary will set up a restricted account with Indian
Bank to receive and pay the COHS substance screening fees.

b. FAD
Dr. Corder stated these are due by September 29, 2006.

c. Blood Borne Pathogen procedure
Marge Michel has looked over information, but has not been able to meet with the Nurse
practitioners on this issue. She will keep Dr. Corder informed on this issue.

d. Flu Vaccine
Marge Michel advised that the SHS would be able to supply vaccines for clinical faculty.

e. Policy and Procedures
Dr. Oliver is revising policies and procedures to a new format. The document will be sent to department heads next week for review with a short turn around time.

f. Woman & Family Health Forum
Dr. Gibson and Renee Miller will represent COHS on September 20, 2006.

g. Matrix and Goals
Dr. Corder needs the copies of the matrix and goals for both department heads and
faculty in her office by October 4, 2006.

h. Homecoming Committee report
Dr. Oliver spoke about the Homecoming events on September 30, 2006. The COHS will be set up in the Special Events area of the Grove. All other details are organized. GO HAWKS!!!

5. New Business.

a. Regular meetings with the Provost
Dr. Corder will be having regular meetings with Dr. Richters, much like department heads have individual meetings with Dr. Corder.

b. High School tailgating
Support ULM at your local high school event along with your local team. If you are attending a high school football game anyway, be sure to connect with the ULM representatives, so that you can count as recruitment on your faculty activities report.

c. Response about fees from Provost
Dr. Corder wants the Budget Committee to study increases to the professional and lab fees. She asked for ideas from the department heads to discuss at the next Budget Committee meeting. If the fees are increased she will report the increases to Dr. Richters.

d. Response to the COHS faculty meeting
Committee members were in agreement that the meeting was very informative.

e. Curriculum Committee
Peggy Meredith will email UCC meetings and submission dates for the COHS curriculum changes to the department heads.

6. Accounts.

The following account numbers for departments need to be sent to Dr. Corder:
Department 8- accounts
Department 5- accounts
Foundation accounts
Scholarship accounts

Minutes submitted by Judy Kalinich with approval from Dr. Corder.

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