College of Health Sciences

CAC Meeting Minutes

September 15, 2010


Presiding:        Dr. Denny Ryman

Recording:      Dr. Emily Doughty

Time:               4:30 p.m.

Place:               COHS Dean’s Conference Room


Present: Dr. Denny Ryman, Dean; Dr. J. Fellows, Mr. B. Bennett, Dr. J. Boult, Ms. P. Calk, Dr. J. Dolecheck, Dr. E. Doughty, Dr. F. Gibson, Ms. B. Jarrell, Ms. D. Wisenor


  1. Faculty Workload Report: Dean Ryman reminded departments that the Faculty Workload Report should be completed with credit hours taught by each faculty member. Since the College of Health Sciences as a whole has a heavy contact hour load, the contact hours may be explained in the comment column of the report.


  1. Budget situation was discussed briefly.


  1. Curriculum Committee: In order for curricular changes to be included in next year’s university catalog, the changes should be submitted to the COHS Curriculum Committee by October 28. Dean Ryman asked for the status of the departmental curricular hour decreases to 120 credit hours. Health Studies and Radiologic Technology have already made curriculum hour decreases. Nursing and Speech-Language Pathology will submit a curriculum decrease prior to October 28. Medical Lab Science and Dental Hygiene are contemplating how to make decreases in their curricula.


  1. Bulk Computer Order: Dean Ryman announced that ULM will place a bulk computer order.  This will allow the COHS to take advantage of a reduced price per computer (possibly $100-$200 less). Ms. Calk expressed concern about difficulties with an existing “Smart Cart”; she noted the projector no longer works. Dr. Dolecheck expressed concern about a malfunctioning computer in one of the Health Studies classrooms; she requested a new computer for Sugar Hall 153.


  1. Part-time Faculty Credentials: Dean Ryman stated department heads need to complete justification forms if a part-time faculty member’s degrees do not make the faculty member’s qualifications evident. These justification forms are due to the Dean within the next month.


  1. Retention and Graduation Rates: Dean Ryman distributed a handout of the GRAD Act Template for Establishing Initial Performance Agreement Baseline, Benchmarks, and 6 year Targets. Dean Ryman stated that the state system seems pleased with the ULM retention plan. Department heads are to submit a 1 page white paper outlining measures to be taken to retain students; due to the Dean in 3 weeks. Dr. Boult asked how we are to measure retention. Dean Ryman stated that, in the professional programs, retention will be calculated after admission to the professional program. For Health Studies and Speech-Language Pathology, retention will start with incoming freshman; OTA will be calculated differently.


  1. Other:


a.       Open House for the School of Nursing Building will be held on October 8, 2010. There will be an “invitation only donor luncheon” held at Bon Aire, the Presidential home, at noon on October 8. During the football game on October 9, the Dean will host donors and potential donors in the President’s Box. Within the next week, Dean Ryman plans to meet with Dr. Gibson, Ms. Wisenor, and Mr. Bennett to discuss the Open House and related activities. 


b.      Homecoming: October 30, 2010. Dean Ryman announced he has bought a tent and a grill for the COHS activities. Ms. Calk will contact department heads regarding planning for homecoming.


c.       Radiologic Technology Mid-winter Conference: Mr. Bennett requested help finding speakers for the Radiologic Technology Mid-winter Conference. He has about 5 volunteers at present, but needs more speakers. The lectures are 50 minutes each and can be anything about health care. The audience will be radiologic technologists and students.


  1. Meeting adjourned: 5:00 p.m.