College of Health Sciences

Minutes of CAC Meeting

September 17, 2008


Presiding:  Dr. Denny Ryman

Recording:  Beverly Jarrell                               



The College Administrative Council met in the Dean’s Conference Room from 3: 30 to 4:20.  Dr. Ryman called the meeting to order.


In attendance:  Dr. Denny Ryman, Dr. Paxton Oliver, Ms Emily Doughty,  Mr. Brett Bennett, Ms Donna Eichhorn, Ms. Debbie Wisenor, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck and Ms.

 Beverly Jarrell.


Absent but excused:  Dr. Judy Fellows, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, and Dr. Johanna Boult.


  1. Brief Update:  Nursing Building


·        The adjuster visited the building

·        They are shooting for entry in late Spring

·        State covering the expenses

·        The Nursing Skills and Sims Labs will be housed in Sandal

·        Hoping to keep this space for Nursing in the future

·        Planning to form a College Wide Committee to plan for moving back in an orderly transition.


  1. Class Scheduling for Spring (University):


    • At this time, there are a many Core courses offered in the morning.  Hoping to add more sections in the afternoon.  Arts and Science are to come up with a plan.


  1. Internet Classes (issues with students in other time zones):


    • Some teachers giving exams in the 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. time slot.  Students in other time zones are taking tests in early morning hours. Therefore, they are dropping the class.  These people must be accommodated.
    • It is up to the faculty to follow Moodle Strategies to avoid cheating.


  1.  Outstanding Professor Award:


·        Dean will have all new committee members.  Criteria will have more detail and the award will not be given if criteria are not adhered to.  There will be one Outstanding Professor awarded for each College.  Arts and Science will have two. There will be significant monetary funds provided and the recipient will have a special parking spot.  




  1. Departmental Concerns and other Issues:


Requests for Instruments, Hardware and Equipment:


·        By the end of the month all Department Heads should submit a list of needed instruments, hardware and/or equipment. Keep the cost of this list under $100.000. ULM will get a one time allocation.  Give service cost and tell why needed.  Need exact cost and description.


           Office Furniture:

·        Office furniture will be new in the renovated nursing building.  In the next month we need a plan.  All furniture should be consistent.


           Masks When Entering the Nursing Building:


·        Should masks be used when entering the Nursing Building?


          Security of Equipment in the Nursing Building:


·        Need to keep equipment left in the Nursing Building secure.


   Department News:


            Dr. Jessica Dolecheck:


            Some students are not participating in on-line courses.  These are eight week

            courses. Some are not taking quizzes.  The inactivity must be defined.


            Beverly Jarrell:


            The Dental Hygiene students will be participating in a health fair at the main

            post office on Highway 165 on Thursday. September 18.


            The senior students are making up the clinics on Friday afternoon, September 12,

            and Friday afternoon September 19 for times missed during the hurricane.

            Dean Ryman will be meeting with Dr. Kirt Touchstone, the President of the Fifth     

            District Dental Society, on Thursday, September 18.  Dean Ryman is hoping to

            arrange a meeting with the Dental Society to discuss the mobile unit and to

            encourage the dentists to support the unit financially.



        Donna Eichhorn:


        All is going well in the Occupational Therapy Department



        Emily Doughty:


         All is well in the Nursing Department.  Jean Parker was a lifesaver helping

         with the relocation. There is no place to put the furniture from the Nursing



        Debbie Wisenor:


        Good News!!  The College of Health Sciences won the Susan G. Komen Award.

        The College has won this award for many years.  There were 202 students and

        faculty participating.


        The Department is doing o.k. and adjusting to the lab in Sugar 201.  They are

        in the middle of their interviews for Clinicals.



        Brett Bennett:


        Faculty have all moved into to Hanna Hall.


        The hospitals are helping with labs. They are not designed for teaching because they 

        are small labs but they are “making do”.


Next year they are planning to have an experimentation lab for juniors. Maybe they will get back to their lab in the Nursing Building by next spring.


        They are working on the Ultrasound Program


        Dr Paxton Oliver:


        The Tumor Registry Department will be moving to the second floor of Sugar Hall.


        If students are dually enrolled at community colleges and ULM, their hours will be

        summed.  It the total hours jointly taken are over 18 credit hours, they will show up

        as overload students and must see the Associate Dean.