College of Health Sciences

Minutes of CAC Meeting

October 1, 2008


Presiding: Dr. Denny Ryman

Recording: Dr. Johanna Boult


The College Administrative Council met in the Dean's Conference Room from 3:30 to 4:20. Dr. Ryman called the meeting to order.


In attendance: Dr. Denny Ryman, Dr. Paxton Oliver, Mrs. Emily Doughty, Mr. Brett Bennett, Ms. Donna Eichhorn, Ms. Debbie Wisenor, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Ms. Beverly Jarrell, Dr. Johanna Boult.


Absent but excused: Dr. Florencetta Gibson


1. Making Changes in Dean's Office regarding Policies, Procedures, Etc. (Dr. Ryman)


        Forwarding of telephone calls

        General Mandate from Provost

        Paperwork needs to be clear, correct, etc.

        Suggestions from Department Heads requested regarding protocol for efficiency and effectiveness

        Clerical staff attending workshops/Continuing Education

        CAC reminders, correspondence will be sent out by clerical staff (Terri Hendrix)

        Department Head's should cc copies of emails to Terri

        Multiple signatures will be required with paperwork before it leaves the College office.


2. Nursing Building (Dr. Ryman)

        Insurance adjusters are working on the project

        General session of state legislature in January

        Request for money will be presented then

        Summer is projected/hoped for time to move back into building

        Destroyed items must be replaced

        Dr. Flo Gibson, Ms. Debbie Wisenor, and Mr. Brett Bennett will be called to look at furniture. $1,400 to $1,500 per office will be allocated

        Blinds have been delivered for Caldwell; cost was $6,000 for all the blinds. Uniform look.


3. Dr. Jessica Dolecheck - Health Studies Advising Policy Web Page is under development. Advising deadlines were reitereated.


4. Mr. Brett Bennett, Rad-Tech


        Reiterated needs for lab by January for next semester.


5. Ms. Debbie Wisenor, CLS


        Preliminary accreditation report approved and working on date to set up self-study. Plans for self-study in Spring, Site visit in Fall.


6. Ms. Beverly Jarrell, Dental Hygiene


        Mobile unit news

        Plans to secure funds to assist in maintenance, upkeep, and the purchase of gasoline to operate the unit.

        Department is excited and anxious about projects


7. Ms. Donna Eichhorn, OTA


        Still working on self study for accreditation

        Peggy Meredith is teaching adjunct


8. Mrs. Emily Doughty, Nursing


        Nursing is scattered, but good

        Second floor Sandel is working very well

        Thanks are due to all who contributed

        Relocation of students was difficult

        Working on student-student mentorship to ease the transition

        October 20th Pizza Party at Alumni Center (conflicts with Career Day - will be rescheduled)


9. Dr. Johanna Boult, SLP


        New clinic - progress looks good

        Brochures - name change needed; should we wait on that change pending word on uniform look being promoted by ULM Marketing? Dr. Ryman will confer on this with other Deans.


10. Other


        Homecoming T-shirts October 18 10:00 Ice Cream Social

        Who's Who due Friday

        Dean's Student Council Starts Friday, October 3