College of Health Sciences

Minutes of CAC Meeting

October 29, 2008


Presiding: Dr. Paxton Oliver

Recording: Dr. Jessica Dolecheck


The College Administrative Council met in the Dean's Conference Room from 3:30 to 4:20.  Dr. Oliver called the meeting to order.


In attendance:  Dr.. Paxton Oliver, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Ms. Emily Doughty, Mr. Brett Bennett, Ms. Debbie Wisenor, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Dr. Judy Fellows, Ms. Beverly Jarrell, and Dr. Johanna Boult.


Absent but excused:  Ms. Donna Eichhorn


  1. Pulse
    • Dr. Dolecheck: Health Studies – Currently busy with advising
    • Mr. Bennett:  RT –Reports that Jerry McNeil plans to return for spring 2009 for teaching.  Mr. Bennett is requesting submission of priorities for space utilization before return to Nursing building and will email request to Dean and Associate Dean
    • Dr. Gibson:  Nursing –reports letter of intent for MSN online program has been approved. Currently working on proposal for MSN program.
    • Ms. Jarrell: Dental Hygiene –Ms. Jarrell and Dr. Fellows recently visited San Antonio to inspect a mobile unit similar to the one COHS hopes to purchase.
    • Dr. Fellows – Meeting with many people in the community to update them on the COHS initiatives. Dr. Fellows made a request to the Dean’s office that she be included on emails regarding CAC meeting announcements and other events.
    • Dr. Oliver – A special thanks to Dr. Griswold for chairing the COHS Homecoming Committee and organizing the tailgating event!


  1. COHS Home Page Re-design (Dr. Oliver)
    • Dr. Oliver and Ms. Barton are currently working on formats to use for re-design of home page.
    • Input/suggestions from Dept Heads and others will be requested regarding re-design.


  1. Christmas Party (Dr. Oliver)
    • Question posed: What would Dept Heads and faculty like to do for this year’s Christmas party? Dept Heads to ask faculty and bring ideas to next CAC meeting.



  1. Adjunct Policy (Dr. Oliver)
    • Department Heads should obtain all necessary official documentation before hiring adjuncts such as official transcripts, vita, letters of reference, etc. Adjunct hires should be treated same as full-time hires. Most importantly, obtaining official transcripts needs to be improved upon.


  1. ULM Bookstore Issues
    • Dr. Dolecheck commented that online students are really challenged by not receiving books for their 8 week courses.
    • Consensus: Why are there never enough books ordered in the bookstore?
    • More discussion of critical issues next time


  1. Century Tel and Envision (Dr. Oliver)
    • November 12: Century Tel Breakfast 7:30-9:00 am; tables $160
    • November 13: Envision 6-8:30 pm; tables $240
    • Dr. Oliver to follow-up with faculty names submitted to Dean for Breakfast event and Envision and will forward information to Dept Heads.
    • Ms. Wisenor suggested determining total numbers of COHS faculty in attendance to Envision and sharing the cost with others.


  1. Assessment Updates (Dr. Oliver)

§         All Departments submitted assessment information per deadline

§         Dr. Oliver has received feedback from COHS Assessment Committee

§         Dr. Oliver to review and then discuss with Dept Heads suggestions and revisions per their individual plan next week.


  1. Five Star Report
    • Discussion regarding COHS  student organizations not being represented fairly as clinical rotations and community health care events are not considered like social events are.
    • Dr. Oliver indicated that modifications are needed so that our student organizations are represented better.
    • Ms. Wisenor suggested that Student Life and Leadership are making unreasonable requests for student participation given that many of our COHS students are on their internships and off campus which then seems to penalize our students.
    • Dr. Oliver commented that an initial meeting needs to be arranged with key personnel and Dept Heads/COHS administration to address concerns.


  1. Other
    • AHEC: Dr. Gibson- High school students in the Northeast area are planning to visit ULM on February 5, Thursday 8-12 am. They will visit each COHS department to gain a better understanding of our degree programs. Dept Heads volunteered to speak with students.  Contact Dr. Gibson if questions arise.  Agenda coming soon.

    • Heat in Sugar: Boiler unit to be turned on before mid November.

    • Browse: Saturday, November 8

                                                               i.      Set-up – Friday, November 7,  8-11:30, 2nd floor SUB

                                                             ii.      Breakout session: 9:30 am Stubbs 100, Dean to speak with students, Dept Heads or faculty welcome to attend, if desired

                                                            iii.      Browse: 10:30-12:00, 2nd floor SUB, department representative should plan to be at their board display by 10:00 am.

§         Copy machine in the Dean’s Office: Departments will have codes soon; each department will be charged for paper only.

§         Lab Fees

                                                                     i.            Sandra contacted Gayle Parker who sent an email stating that each department received their lab fees in their budgets at the beginning of 2008-2009 year. A handout was provided to each Dept Head regarding total amount of lab fee money placed in their perspective accounts.

                                                                   ii.            Dr. Oliver re-enforced to Dept Heads not to call Gail Parker regarding this issue

                                                                  iii.            Any questions regarding lab fees should be directed to Dean Ryman

                                                                 iv.            Questions posed by CAC:

o       Are these Lab fees listed for the entire year or for the semester?

o       Does the Dean’s office get a % of these lab fees?

o       If yes, then what was the % and was that already taken of the total amount as shown on handout?

o       Handout provided unclear; is there another document that could clarify how these total amounts were determined for each department?

o       What is the procedure for the application fees for each department? Are the departments getting those application fees back to their budget?

o       Can Dept Heads get prior budget information from Sandra Barton?

o       Dr. Dolecheck was asked to search for previous COHS Budget Committee minutes regarding lab/professional fees.