College of Health Sciences

Minutes for CAC Meeting

November 4, 2009


Presiding:   Dean Ryman

Recording: Dr. Paxton Oliver


The College Administrative Council (CAC) met in the Dean’s conference room.  Dr. Ryman called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.


Present:  Dr. Denny Ryman, Mr. Brett Bennett, Dr. Johanna Boult, Ms. Patty Calk, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Ms. Emily Doughty, Dr. Judy Fellows, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Ms. Beverly Jarrell, Dr.  Paxton Oliver, and Ms. Debbie Wisenor.


·         COHS Christmas Party.   The College Christmas party will be a come-and-go event held December 9th from 11 – 1:30 in Sugar 153.  Department Heads will plan the party.


·         Building Closures during Spring 2010.  Expect campus buildings to be closed at 5 pm during the spring semester.  Faculty may remain and work in the closed buildings but no classes will be held after 5 pm.  The first floor of Sugar will be open until 6 pm to accommodate SLP clinic operations.


·         Enrollment Push.  The COHS is putting together Volunteer Alumni Recruitment groups across the United States.  Online courses will be a priority as goals are established.  Not all programs are required to teach online courses.


·         Revenue Generation Committee.   Dean Ryman is the Chair of this University committee.  He reported that several initiatives and ideas are being discussed to generate funds.


1.       Plans are being discussed to have a Volunteer Consulting Office on campus.  If you have expertise, this office will show you how to market your expertise and help support your efforts.

2.       Coenen Hall will be vacated by the Community College in June 2010.  The University will lose about $250,000 when Delta leaves.  Perhaps the building will be used for offices, Barnes & Noble, and a coffee shop?

3.       Aramark plans to expand their services to other public facilities off campus.

4.       Summer conferences may be held on campus providing housing, meeting areas, and Aramark services.

5.       Elderhostel services may be provided on campus during summers.

6.       Retirement Village concepts are being researched.   Perhaps these  villages could be built on the campus?

·         Health Screening Unit.   Dr. Judy Fellows reported that the Mobile Unit has recently been used to  provide health care services to the area.   Kim Whorton provided oral health care to 29 clients in Rayville on October 24th.  On November 4th and 5th Debbie Wisenor and Melanie Chapman supervised CLS students who provided phlebotomy services for the Poly Processing (60 clients) and Ouachita Fertilizer (31 clients) companies respectively.    Mobile Unit drivers from auto services may sometimes be available.  Check with Sandra Barton about availability.


·         Miscellaneous. 

1.       Patti  Calk inquired about grants for smart classes.  She was directed to the STAP  Lab committee and Dr. Fellows.

2.       Dean Ryman congratulated Brett Bennett and Radiologic Technology for a well organized and productive Advisory Committee meeting held November 3rd at the Alumni Center.

3.       Dr. Florencetta Gibson inquired about recruitment brochures and procedures.  Dean Ryman answered her questions as follows: all University Recruitment units should help defray expensive COHS School/Department brochures; COHS glossy brochures may be replaced with non glossy brochures at some recruitment events;  when University Recruitment units request COHS faculty to travel off campus for recruiting, Department Heads should refer requests to Dean Ryman.

4.       Dean Ryman congratulated the OTA department and students for recent OTA participation in Under the Bridge, a community service project to support needs of the homeless.


·         Adjourned.  There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 4:41 pm.