College of Health Sciences


December 6, 2006


In attendance: Dr. Jan Corder, Dr. Paxton Oliver, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Emmy Doughty, Juliet Burgess, Belinda Morgan, Jay Hicks, Beverly Jarrell, Peggy Meredith, Debbie Wisenor, Dr. Linda Bryan, and Marge Michel.


Absent: Dr. Judy Fellows (exc.)


The College Administrative council (CAC) met in the Nursing Conference room from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Dr. Corder called the meeting to order and introduced the guest for the meeting, President Cofer.


Pres. Cofer discussed view of changes made for


P. Oliver asked for information concerning the Dean’s search. Pres. Cofer shared


D. Wisenor asked for information concerning the resent rash of thefts. Dr Cofer shared


J. Hicks asked for information concerning the core curriculum and if there are plans for any changes. Dr. Cofer shared


F. Gibson asked for information concerning the faculty activity database (FAD):  security, difficulty in populating the database, and time it takes to complete entering data. Dr. Cofer shared

P. Oliver commented on the lack of instructions and the changing date for completion. Dr. Cofer


D. Wisenor asked for information concerning the reorganization efforts. Dr. Cofer discussed


J. Corder stated part of the difficulty in the COHS is that there is little room, working out of a conference room and sharing office space with pharmacy. Secretarial situation will not change until others move in January 2007.


Dr. Cofer shared

E. Doughty asked for information concerning the recent media reports about the state’s wind fall of money. Dr. Cofer discussed


E. Doughty presented how a recent national ranking of states for population’s health ranked LA as 50th. E. Doughty stated the health sciences could have the opportunity to make a difference. Dr. Cofer discussed


J. Burgess presented how other schools are increasing enrollment and faculty numbers. Currently ULM is not. Dr. Cofer discussed


F. Gibson presented how technology and lab space would assist in increasing numbers of students in the professional program. Dr. Cofer discussed


F. Gibson presented how other institutions have funding variances because they have professional fees placed in a dedicated account to use for technology and faculty salaries.

Dr. Cofer discussed


J. Corder presented that the Budget Committee has put forth a plan for increasing fees and the professional fee asked for was not approved. Dr. Cofer stated that the fee approval would have to be approved by the Board of Supervisors and the LA Legislature. J. Corder presented that she had put forth a different amount to Dr. Richters. Dr. Cofer stated


J. Corder agreed but stated that faculty members were working at capacity at present. Dr. Cofer asked for a plan in writing of options.


F. Gibson presented how other institutions were funded by consortiums of hospitals. The funding was for five years and at a level to pay for faculty members salaries. Dr. Cofer discussed the issues associated with the regional hospital situations. F. Gibson presented how there were agencies supporting classes for the spring: peri-op courses and oncology. Dr. Cofer would like to know if there are problems with contracts. He has association with individuals who could assist in promoting the contracts.


J. Corder asked if OTA could be grown. Dr. Cofer stated “Yes.” J. Corder stated that there are more students available but more faculty are needed. Dr. Cofer discussed


Dr. Cofer left the meeting at 4:36 p.m.


Dr. Corder presided over the remainder of the meeting.


Minutes from the September 25, 2006, meeting were approved. Motion by E. Doughty, second by B. Morgan, and unanimously approved.

Minutes from the October 25, 2006, meeting were approved. Motion by D. Wisenor, second by E. Doughty, and unanimously approved.


Grades for Graduates


FAD was discussed at the morning meeting of deans.


Spreadsheets listing students who are not enrolled has been sent electronically. Discussion about what to do with list followed. No specific plan developed due to inconsistency in reliability of GPAs reported.


Faculty who are checking out from the University should follow ULM protocol. J. Corder will follow-up on why previously employed persons who have left the University by correct protocol are still listed for many areas.


Adjourned: 5:00 p.m.