DATE   6-7-07



Nursing Conference Room




J. Dolecheck


S. Jones


J. Dolecheck, S. Jones, J. Fellows, D. Eichhorn, J. Hicks, N. Johnson,

C. Murphy, B. Bennett, P. Oliver, L. Sabin, S. Chaney


F. Gibson (excused), B. Jarrell (excused), M. Ramsey (excused),

D. Wisenor (excused)



The revisions of the College of Health Sciences Evaluation Matrix was discussed.  After review, it was

recommended that the rating “AA-Above Expectations=3” read as A-Above Expectations=3.  A motion

was made by Sharon Chaney to accept the College of Health Sciences Evaluation Matrix with the above stated

change.  The motion carried unanimously.


The next topic of discussion was needed revisions of the College of Health Sciences (COHS) Proposed

Pay Raise Procedures.  The following recommendations were made:


Recommendation 1:

      Change “and” to “and/or” in No. 1 of the COHS Proposed Pay Raise Procedures.


Recommendation 2:

      Revision of Numbers 2-6 of the COHS Proposed Pay Raise Procedures to read as follows:

      Numbers 2-6 are now Numbers 2 and 3.

2.  Consideration of eligibility for merit and/or equity will be based on the following:

             a.  A faculty annual evaluation

             b.  Goals negotiated between the department head and the faculty member

3.   Those eligible must meet the following:

             a.  Set at least three annual goals

             b.  Achieve a majority of all set goals

             c.  Satisfactory performance of department expectations


Recommendation 3:

       Revision of Number 7 of the COHS Proposed Pay Raise Procedures to read as follows:

       Number 7 is now Number 4

4.      Merit Pay Procedure:

a.       The COHS uses four merit categories; percentages in categories will be

determined upon award of funds.

b.      No change.

c.       No change.


d.      The COHS merit pay procedure uses a matrix of 32 items.  The matrix scores

are used to determine faculty ranking.

e.       No change.

f.        The remaining eligible faculty are placed in a category as follows:

i.            The faculty are placed in order of their matrix scores.

                                         ii.       Faculty are placed in the top merit category until the combined

    salaries of those faculty in that category exceed 25% of the

   “eligible salaries”.

iii.                  The remaining eligible faculty members will be placed in the

 next sequential merit category.

iv.                 In the case of “tie” scores, awards will be equal percentages.


Recommendation 4:

      Revision of Number 8 of the COHS Proposed Pay Raise Procedures to read as follows:

      Number 8 is now Number 5.

5.      Equity Pay Procedure:

a.       Any money remaining after merit pay is assigned will be placed in the

equity pool.

b.      In order to receive equity, a faculty member must receive a satisfactory annual


c.       Equity adjustments will be determined by comparison to the following:

    Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals (ASAHP)

    (OTA – get information from Donna Eichhorn)

    If appropriate, internal department inequities

d.      The equity is capped at $4,000 (The cap may be adjusted depending on the

amount of equity money available.


The above recommended revisions were made to the COHS Proposed Pay Raise Procedures and the

revised document was sent to all committee members via e-mail for review.     











Meeting Adjourned

3:30 p.m.

Recorder: S. Jones




Convener/Chair: Dr. Dolecheck