COHS Budget Committee Meeting

July 21, 2008

Dean’s Conference Room

2:00 PM


Members present: Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Mrs. Debbie Wisenor,

Dr. Judy Fellows, Dr. Paxton Oliver, Ms. Donna Eichhorn, Ms. Jane Bruson, Ms. Sharon Chaney, Mrs. Donna Thomas


Excused: Dr. Mike Ramsey, Ms. Carolyn Murphy, Mr. Brett Bennett, Ms. Beverly Jerrell


Not present: Dr. Linda Sabin, Sandra Jones


Topic: Allocations of COHS raises


·        Dr. Dolecheck opened the meeting with discussion of the points to consider as mandated by the Dean regarding raises, which are

1.      Raises must be tied to merit.

2.      Allocations ($57,000) will be used only for full-time and department heads.

3.      We have a total of 55 FTE including department heads.

4.      To be eligible, faculty must have been here at least a year.

5.      A recommendation is needed by the committee by the end of July.

·        Dr. Dolecheck reviewed the minutes from the Oct 4, 2007 COHS Budget Committee meeting regarding the raises. A ranking system with percentages was previously used and a recommendation was made at that time for the committee to relook at this system of evaluation of faculty and dept. heads.

·        An overview was given by Dr. Dolecheck of an example of how Brett Bennett broke down the $57,000 on an excel spreadsheet; with around 1.95% of this amount being given to each department based the total salaries.

·        Also proposed by Dr. Dolecheck was to give this amount to each department head and the department head will distribute the money based on the eligibility criteria above.

·        Dr. Oliver asked for clarification of who is eligible – Dr. Gibson noted that the lab coordinator, who does not meet eligibility requirements however, has gone above and beyond in their jobs. Also mentioned the Business & Facilities Manager does not meet eligibility requirements. Dr. Oliver indicated that they are not eligible and that he and Dr. Ryman are also not eligible.

·        Mrs. Wisenor noted that the amount of money given will be changed by how many are really eligible.

·        Dr. Fellows noted that giving out last year’s allocation, those who received and amounts were ranked, but, Dr. Dolecheck noted that the proposal does not really let you rank 1.95% and lower.  The reason we were able to use rankings was because we had a larger pool of money which allowed us to rank according to 5%, 4%, 3% & 2%.

·        Mrs. Wisenor discussed the concern that the amount received last year for some was smaller and they did a lot and that some others may have received more money who did not exhibit as much merit.

·        This was confirmed by Dr. Gibson, that in her department, nursing, that the salaries here are not equitable to those of salaries of nurses in the professional field.

·        Dr. Fellows proposed that this raise could be done the same across the board, so everyone who is eligible, if it equals 55 people, would get $1036.36.

·        Dr. Gibson, talked about giving the department heads discretion of how much to give, as she noted that there were some people in the nursing department that did not receive a raise last year and felt that they do need some recognition because this affected the moral of the department.

·        Dr. Oliver recommended a vote for the 2 options that have been discussed

1.      1.95% of the total salaries given to the department head to distribute in his/her department

2.      A set raise, the same for all who are eligible across the board, the number eligible divided into the $57,000.

·        Voting was conducted via secret ballot and opened by Dr. Dolecheck

·        Results are as follows:  A majority vote indicated that an across the board raise will be given to eligible faculty and dept heads.

·        Each dept head is to submit a list of eligible persons to Dr. Dolecheck by Wed. 7/23/08 at noon.

·        Discussion was then conducted about how to give Nursing Lab Coordinator and COHS Business Manager a raise. It was recommended that $1000.00 for each, total of $2000.00 be taken from the $57,000. The remaining $55,000 will then be divided by those eligible, not to exceed 55 people with the condition these two individuals will not receive more than any faculty or dept head.

·        Pending these minutes, Dr. Oliver will report these recommendations to Dr. Ryman.

·        Dr. Gibson asked if this was recurring and Dr. Oliver confirmed that yes, once the money was put into the salary it is recurring and a new contract will be issued.


Meeting adjourned: 2:55 PM


Submitted by Donna Thomas