College of Health Sciences

Minutes for Budget Meeting

July 24, 2008


Presiding: Dr. Jessica Dolecheck               

Recording: Brett Bennett


The Budget Committee met in the Dean’s Conference room at 1:32 p.m. Dr. Dolecheck called the meeting to order.


In attendance: Dr. Denny Ryman, Mr. Brett Bennett, Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Dr. Judy Fellows, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Dr. Paxton Oliver, Ms. Donna Eichhorn, Ms. Jane Burson, Ms. Melanie Chapman


Excused: Ms. Debbie Wisenor, Ms Beverly Jarrell, Dr. Mike Ramsey, Dr. Linda Sabin, Ms.Sharon Chaney


1.      Minutes from last meeting approved with changes.

2.      The Dean began the meeting by discussing the recently received 2008-2009 COHS budget. The Dean commented that the COHS budget is still rather fluid and relies on money sources outside of the college budget to fund some departments and the school of Nursing.

a.       There is a possibility of some full-time faculty having to take FMLA. These would be additional strains on the COHS budget.

b.      The dean gave the approximate amount of money each department has for operating costs, supplies, and travel for the current year.

c.       The dean also revealed the travel budget that he has available for the upcoming year. He stated that he may ask for faculty to drive to Jackson or Dallas in order to catch flights due to the ability to conserve the travel funds as much as possible.

d.      The Dean then noted that he has areas in the budget that he would like input from the committee. They are:

§         $20,000 for college computer upgrades

§         $3,500 for ceiling mount projector in Sugar 254

§         $8,000 for classroom chairs in Sugar 254

§         $8,500 to replace the blinds in Caldwell Hall

§         $10,000 to develop small pilot study grants.

§         The dean stipulated that these monies can not be used for salaries or hiring new faculty. He gave the committee the charge of making recommendations concerning these budget items.

e.       The Dean departed the meeting at 2:03 PM.






1.      Dr. Dolecheck opened floor for recommendations

a.                   The committee discussed each item and returned the following                                       recommendations:

1.      Recommended using the $3,500 to put ceiling mounted projector in Sugar 254.

2.      Recommended using the $8,500 to replace the blinds in Caldwell Hall.

3.      Recommended using the $10,000 to fund the small pilot study grants.

4.      Recommended that the $20,000 for computer upgrades be held until information about age and cycle of current college computer upgrades is determined. Then we would revisit this budget item.

5.      Recommended that the $8,000 for chairs in Sugar 254 be put off until May 2009. Then if money is available in the budget, we would like to purchase the chairs. We recommend that the $8,000 be redirected to travel.


2.      Dr. Gibson informed the committee of two faculty that are joint appointees in Nursing and Student Health Services (SHS). Their salaries are divided between the two departments (60% Nursing/40% SHS). The committee discussed the need for these faculty to be considered for raises, but to ensure that they were treated the same as the other COHS faculty.

a.       These are the recommendations from the committee

1.      If there is a raise given from SHS, then the total dollar amount for these two faculty raises cannot exceed the average given to the other eligible COHS faculty.

2.      Dr. Gibson will contact the SHS to see how these two faculty will be considered for raises.

3.      COHS will pay 60% of raises for these two faculty.

 6. Meeting adjourned at 3:00