DATE: 9/14/06 PLACE: NURS 106 TIME: 3:00

Members present: Brett Bennett, Dean Jan Corder, Jessica Dolecheck, Donna Eichhorn, Judy Fellows, Jay Hicks, Beverly Jarrell, Norma Johnson, Peggy Meredith, Associate Dean Paxton Oliver, Linda Sabin, and Debbie Wisenor

Members absent: Jane Burson, Sharon Chaney, Florencetta Gibson, Sandra Jones, and Mike Ramsey.

The meeting was called to order by Jessica Dolecheck.


- Nursing proposed that their application fee be increased from $30.00 to $50.00 effective with those applying for the fall of 2007 class. CLS has considered an application fee, but were not sure if it could be justified. The possibility of all departments having the same application fee was discussed. CODI stated that they would need to implement the fee for applicants to their graduate program only.
- Dean Corder explained that the money from the application fees would be placed into a “5” account to be rolled over from year to year and used for other expenses.
- Beverly Jarrell moved to implement a $50.00 application fee for all departments except CLS. Jay Hicks seconded the motion and all members were in favor.

- In response to questions brought up by e-mail regarding a possible budget cut if the college was to receive the proposed increase in professional fees, Dean Corder stated that she was told that there are no plans to decrease the college budget. The additional funds could be used for faculty development, academics, student representation at national conferences.
- Nursing proposed increasing the fee from $250 to $500. There was a discussion about justifying the increase in fees to students when the college is not currently receiving the fees in their budget. Dean Corder discussed the importance of faculty members being united on the increase and being able to justify the increase to the students by emphasizing the low student/teacher ratio in the college. Further discussion included the use of the increase in professional fees in ways that are evident to the students.
- There was some concern from members about increasing the fees in spring 2007 on such short notice. Discussion ensued about possibly increasing the fees in 2 phases - _ in spring 2007 and the other _ in fall 2007. This led to discussion about students having to adjust to an increase twice. It was then recommended that the increase take place in the fall 2007 semester.
- Jay Hicks moved to increase the professional fees and Brett Bennett seconded the motion. During the discussion it was brought up that the committee would need to consider in this vote whether or not events might occur to warrant having to increase the fees again in the near future. The motion passed with 9 members in favor and 1 opposed.
- Beverly Jarrell then moved to make the amount of the increase be from $250 to $500. Linda Sabin seconded the motion. Discussion ensued about the legality of increasing the fees from what is stated in the catalog. Dean Corder replied that the catalog states that fees can be increased at any time. There was discussion about whether or not the increase could be used for adjunct faculty or for faculty overload pay. Dean Corder stated that it can be used for anything. The motion passed with 8 members in favor and 2 opposed.
- Judy Fellows moved to begin the increase in professional fees in the spring 2007 semester. The motion died for lack of a second.
- Linda Sabin moved to begin the increase in professional fees in the fall 2007 semester. Brett seconded. The motion passed with all members in favor.
- Discussion about how to inform the students and faculty of the increase resulted in the recommendations that the dean would hold a college-wide faculty meeting to announce to the faculty that the committee made the decision to increase fees, and the dean would also send a letter to students explaining the increase and the types of things the money would be used for.

- Discussion occurred about the use of lab fees if implemented. Dean Corder stated that they could be used for anything related to expenses for the courses, i.e., equipment, supplies, maintenance of equipment, etc. The fees would not rollover from year to year.
- Each department listed the recommended fees for individual lab courses as follows:
i. Nursing currently has lab fees of $25.00 per listed course; proposed new fees would be $75.00 per listed course:
NURS 221, 321, 323, 408, 414, 204, 207, 305, 307, 334, 404, 465, 473, 475
ii. Communicative Disorders currently has no lab fees; proposed new fees of $50.00 per listed course:
CODI 418, 427, 550, 520
iii. Radiologic Technology currently has no lab fees; proposed new fees of $25.00 per listed course:
RADT 309, 314, 315, 321, 322, 233, 327, 328, 410, 413, 432, 450
iv. Clinical Laboratory Science currently has no lab fees; proposed new fees of $50.00 per course listed below and $35.00 for CLSC 338A:
CLSC 112, 321, 325, 328, 430
v. Dental Hygiene currently has no lab fees; proposed new fees of $50.00 per listed course:
DHYG 319, 321, 322, 325, 327, 415, 416, 421, 428
vi. Occupational Therapy Assistant currently has no lab fees; proposed new fees of $50.00 per listed course:
OCCT 226, 228, 229, 245

- Brett Bennett moved to accept the proposal of lab fees as listed above. Linda Sabin seconded the motion and all were in favor.

The meeting was then adjourned.

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