Budget Committee Meeting Minutes

October 4, 2007

2:00 pm


Members present: Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Dr. Florencetta Gibson, Mrs. Debbie Wisenor, Mr. Brett Bennett, Ms. Norma Johnson, Dr. Judy Fellows, Ms. Sharon Chaney, Dr. Paxton Oliver, Ms. Beverly Jerrell, and Ms. Jane Burson


Excused: Dr. Mike Ramsey, Ms. Carolyn Murphy, Ms. Donna Eichhorn, and Ms. Bernadine Adams and Dr. Linda Sabin


-         Dr. Dolecheck opened the meeting discussing the fact that each college’s merit and equity plan was presented to the faculty senate, and that she thought there were good points to the plans by some of the other colleges. She stated that she wanted the committee to discuss the pros and cons of our plan while the information was relatively fresh to the committee.

-         Dr. Oliver stated that he noticed some things about the current COHS merit and equity plan that he thought we needed to readdress. He stated that he thought that the nursing department was unfairly affected by the part of the plan that puts the highest ranked person in each department into the top category and the second rank person in each department in the second highest category. Dr. Oliver stated that after these places were filled, the nursing department had no other person in each category. That left nurses with more people in the lower categories.

-         Discussion continued with ideas being suggested. Some ideas were about establishing department pools of money for merit and equity. This was not fully elaborated on.

-         Norma Johnson asked if the merit percentage for this year was calculated with the $1500 across the board raise or without that included. Dr. Oliver stated that the percentages were calculated without the across the board raise. The merit was calculated and then the $1500 across the board was applied.

-         Brett Bennett asked if any department had more people in the top two categories after the first and second place person in each department was placed in the first and second category. Dr. Oliver stated that there was no other department with more than one person in each of the top two categories.

-         Dr. Oliver stated that a variety of reasons caused approximately eight persons in the COHS to not receive merit raises.

-         Discussion continued between Dr. Gibson and Dr. Oliver about how the current merit and equity plan in the COHS needed to be retooled to be more fair toward every department. Dr. Oliver commented that all complaints last year were handled very professionally by all involved. Dr. Gibson stated the nursing faculty was disappointed with the results, but they did not think that they were unfairly treated. They wanted the system looked at again to ensure that issues that were revealed were addressed.

-         Dr. Dolecheck reiterated the ideas from some of the other colleges’ plans may be used in our plan.

-         Dr. Oliver gave a brief history of the current plan and how it came into being. He stated that our plan looks good, but it has some problems.

-         Debbie Wisenor brought up the lack of written definition for the above expectations and superior ranking. She suggested that these be defined.

-         General discussion again ensued. Dr. Oliver stated that the reason for the current plan was to protect the smaller departments. Norma Jonson stated that the “floor” salary for nursing was another reason.

-         After discussion about faculty being able to view their ranking form, Dr. Dolecheck suggested that a procedure should be established for the department heads to inform each faculty of their ranking.

-         Discussion ensued where members were comparing how information was given to faculty in each department.  Norma Johnson suggested that for new faculty “a planning meeting” format similar to that used for the civil service employees might be helpful.

-         Dr. Fellows stated that her faculty taught uncompensated overload, and that she took that into consideration when evaluating them. She questioned whether or not she could reject a faculty goal. Dr. Gibson gave examples of goals that she rejected and gave ideas on how to do it in such a way as to help the faculty grow and set good goals.

-         Brett Bennett suggested that a plan that included giving a pool of money to each department seemed to be the best plan.

-         Brett Bennett will do some test salaries in a spread sheet and report findings back to the committee.


-         Meeting adjourned at 3:05.