COHS Graduate Council

September 26, 2008

Deanís Conference Room


Members present:Dr. Matusiak (chair), Dr. Oliver, Dr. Boult, Dr. Corder, Dr. Gibson, Dr. Tommerdahl


Called to order: 9:15am


  1. Introduction of Members (Matusiak)
  2. Discussion of charge of the committee from the Dean (Matusiak)
  3. Updates from departments on the status of new graduate program
    1. Health Studies (Tommerdahl/Matusiak)
      1. Department is working on moving faculty to graduate status
      2. Department is beginning process to create graduate courses and in 2-3 years, graduate programs (masters and doctorate)
    2. Nursing (Gibson)
      1. Department is working on letter of intent for Master of Science in Nursing program.Expect to have letter to the Board of Regents within a month.
  4. Updates on current graduate program status (Boult)
    1. Department is considering and researching a doctoral program.
  5. Discussion of next steps (All)



Concluded: 10:00am