Homecoming Committee Minutes

July 17, 2006


In Attendance:

Dr. Paxton Oliver (Chair), Vicki Creighton, Jay Hicks, and Debbie Wisenor



Decided firm on Hotdogs and Hamburgers…plan for 125 hotdogs and 125 hamburgers…Kim Whorton and her husband will donate use of large grill.  We still need a chili pot, chips to be individual bags.  Dean’s budget to pay for meat and buns.  Vicki to ask departments (especially Nursing) for donations of condiments.


Snowcone Machine:

Donna Glaze talked to Mike Downhour.  He can supply a snowcone machine, ice, paper products, and flavors.  Delivery, set-up, and take-down are his responsibility.  His cost is $1 per snowcone sold.  The committee thought charging students $1 per snowcone was reasonable.


Popcorn Machine:

Peggy Meredith has secured a popcorn machine for use.



Individual sodas in “short” cans and bottled water will be available.  Coke, diet coke, sprite and water will be served.  More needed on cost of this.



Jay Hicks is the lead person on this and will contact the COHS Student Council to ask them to volunteer 200 small bags of chips and other desserts.


Shop Fan:

Helen Huckleberry has one and will bring it.


Extension Cords:

Jay Hicks will bring it.


Busing Tables:

Assignment sign-up sheets will be developed by Debbie Wisenor and distributed to student groups by she and Jay Hicks. 


Contests and Games:

None this 1st year.


Alumni Notification:

Jay will type COHS homecoming activities information and give it to the Alumni foundation for distribution to alumni.


Mosquito wipes:

Dr. Jan Corder will bring wipes.  Additionally, a discussion was held about possibly purchasing two or three $20 portable “ThermaCell” mosquito repellent devices that could be used for many years.  Vicki researched the devices and gave Dr. Oliver a copy of the device brochure.  More about this later.



The tent size will be dependant upon the site assigned to the COHS by Sharon Traxler.  A call was made to her and we are first on the list for a homecoming site.  More later about the site.  We would like a tent no smaller than last year (20X30).  The dean’s office will pay for the tent and Dr. Oliver will be responsible for renting it and having the company set up/take down.



All potential sites have electrical hook ups.


Chairs and Tables:

Dr. Oliver and Dr. Corder will determine the least expensive source from which to obtain these.  We need a minimum of 80 chairs and 10 tables.


Plan to put up banners no later than 12:30 pm.


Student Govt.:

Jay is responsible for contacting the COHS Student Council college advisors and asking them to help determine the Student Council role in homecoming activities.



The game begins 6 pm on September 30, 2006.  We play Florida Atlantic.  Tentative times for homecoming Grove activities are 1-5:00.


Pre-Professional Students:

Pre and Professional students will be invited to participate.  Department heads will be asked to have the invitation extended to all their students (use classrooms and have faculty make a personal invitation followed by a reminder days before the event).  Jay will have the announcement and invitation posted on the Campus-wide TV network.


Next Meeting:

The committee will meet early in September.  Dr. Oliver will contact members.


Meeting adjourned



Submitted by Paxton Oliver