2009 COHS Homecoming Committee


September 02, 2009



Members present:

Patti Calk – Chair – Department Occupational Therapy

Debbie Wisenor – Department Clinical Laboratory Science

Jaclyn Peters – Department Radiological Technology


Members unable to attend:

Kim Whorton – Department of Dental Hygiene   

Tammy Soileau– Department of Speech-Language Pathology  

Paula Griswold –Department Health Studies

Cathy Campbell – School of Nursing



1.  Site

COHS has the Special Events site reserved.  The site does have electricity.

Committee discussed having tours through the RV and possibly having “tools of the trade” of each department strategically placed in RV – Ex: CLS-microscope (Need to find out space available for items)


2. Food/Drinks

Jambalaya – Debbie will call Thurman’s for price (enough to feed 250 people). Patti will check with Dean’s office regarding budget for food.

Each department will be responsible for bringing items (either through student participation or student organization groups).

1-      Drinks (canned drinks and bottled water), ice chests, ice – recommend that Nursing department group brings these due to large student population

2-      Paper-goods: bowls, spoons, napkins, and ULM gold tablecloths – Rad. Tech. Dept

3-      French bread – OT Dept

4-      Chips – CLS Dept

5-      Cookies/Brownies –

6-      Mums for tables –

7-      Mums for tables –

The remaining items will be assigned to Speech, Dental Hygiene, and Health Studies (the first to email me with the request, gets first served. J

ALL items need to be delivered by 10:30 for set-up


3.  Tent

A 20 x 30 tent was decided on. I will call Ram Party Rental for pricing and to place the order. 

Is there anyone who could be available to assist the rental company setting-up on Friday, Oct. 2nd?


4.  Tables and chairs

I will talk with Facilities Management about setting up tables (6) and chairs (30).


5.  Banner

Will ask Dr. Oliver about the COHS banner.  Each Department can hang their department banners around the tent. Also the student organizations can bring their letters and put them up.


6.  Student Involvement

Students from the COHS programs and/or student organizations will work in 30-minute shifts.   I will get a sign-up sheet distributed. Each department’s students/student organizations and faculty will have a 30 minute time-slot to work. The first group will start at 10:30 for setting up and the last group at 1:30 for cleaning up. Each of the other slots will consist of serving and cleaning area as you go.


7.  Advertising

I’m working on the flyer to distribute to committee and departments


8.  Hours of tailgating

Game is at 2:30. Tailgating from 11:00 to 1:30.


9.  Set-up

The committee will be responsible for set-up beginning at 10:30 pm along with the 10:30 sign-up group.


10.  Clean-up

The 1:30 sign-up group will be responsible for clean up.


11.  T-shirts

Jaclyn brought T-shirt design. I will attach to email. Jaclyn is setting up a “Cow Tagging” account so that each department can order their own T-shirts and sizes and they will be delivered to Jaclyn for distribution. (unless she has the baby by that time).


12.  Fan / Extension Cords

 Will determine needs closer to the date



The next meeting will be  ???

What is the possibility of meeting next Wednesday or Thursday at 8:30?




ADDENDUM: Debbie spoke with Thurman’s; the cost of the jambalaya is $2.50 per serving, total of $625 for 250 people.  The jambalaya would come in large foil disposable pans.  We could pick up or Thurman’s could deliver.  They need a week’s advance notice.



Submitted by: Patti Calk