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Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The ULM Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion seeks to cultivate an educational environment where every individual human gift will be valued, respected, and nurtured.


Dr. Pamela Higgins Saulsberry,
Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Professor of Social Work 



ULM Condemns Racism, Embraces Diversity
Published June 2, 2020

The climate of civil unrest amid a global pandemic has changed how we evaluate life as well as how others value our lives. These are extremely difficult times for our nation, our state, our city and our campus.  

 The recent killings of Americans George Floyd in Minnesota, Breonna Taylor in Kentucky and Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia vividly serves as a reminder that the battle to eradicate racism, bigotry and discrimination is an ongoing fight. These issues have for too long caused the pain, suffering, and death of far too many Americans. 

 As an institution of higher education, ULM is a space for intellectual thought, sharing of ideas and experiences, and a place where difficult issues are discussed. Diversity is one of ULM’s core values and, as such, it strengthens all areas of the campus community.  

 Another core value of ULM is integrity. As we fulfill our mission to educate students as they become citizens of the global society, we must proceed in our efforts with integrity, knowing that we are committed to honesty, truthfulness and rightness of action. This integrity must include condemning racism and racially motivated violence.  

 We are reaching out to our campus community to begin the dialogue of what we can do to improve. Students, faculty and staff will receive a separate email with a Webform to share any concerns, feedback, and thoughts concerning what the University can do to better support you and to remain a place where all students feel safe and included. 

In support of our students and campus community who are experiencing extreme grief and fear over these tragedies, ULM’s counseling services are available to any students, faculty or staff.

 ULM is committed to working together to provide an inclusive environment for all Warhawks and this community.  


ULM Alumni Association Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

ULM Faculty Senate Statement on Racism, Diversity and Inclusion
Delivered June 10, 2020

We the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate affirm that the University of Louisiana Monroe must become a space where students, staff, and faculty of color feel heard and respected. They are an integral part of the university community and we remain committed to the construction of an environment where they feel safe.

We condemn racist speech, hate speech, and discriminatory behaviors. These are counter to our core values and harm our mission as educators. They detract from our primary goal of educating students to be informed students. And they do not reflect who we want to be as human beings. Such speech and behaviors can never be defended under the umbrella of academic freedom.

As educators, we are held to higher standards because of the influence education has on our students. At ULM, we have the honor of teaching students not just from Monroe, but from across our region, our state, our country, and the world. And our students in turn influence their communities, bringing what we’ve taught and what they’ve learned to these places, near and far. We must recognize that the entire college experience adds to the education of our students, not just what is learned in the classroom. Because of our influence, we educators have the awesome responsibility of knowing that our words matter to our students, and that we must reflect values that add to the global society. 

We must adapt with the changing values of our world and recognize that as educators we must also be committed to our own continual process of education and improvement. While ULM has many faculty members who are committed to improving our diversity and inclusion initiatives, clearly more work remains. But we are committed to doing this work, because we care deeply about our students, staff, and fellow faculty and about this university that we call home.