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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Application Process

Any student who has never applied, who has applied but did not enroll in courses, who has applied but was not admitted, or who has not registered for DE courses in a year or more MUST complete ALL 5 of the steps below to be admitted to ULM for the Dual Enrollment Program:

  1. Completed ONLINE ULM application – students use full, legal name only
    Shown as Step 2 below

  2. Application fee (payable by check/money order made out to ULM – with student full name on it – submitted with Signature Page)

  3. Official HS transcript

  4. Official, electronic ACT scores
    If not sent to ULM at time of test, go to https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/your-scores/send-your-scores.html  The ACT code for ULM is 1598

  5. Completed & signed Signature Page (please ensure all other items (1-4) have been submitted AND all signatures are on the Signature Page before submitting it to ULM DE)
    Shown as Step 1 below



Students wishing to initiate or continue their participation in dual enrollment for the 2020-21 academic year may be eligible to enroll in academic courses on the Master Articulation Matrix if they meet the following criteria:

• A minimum 2.5 cumulative high school GPA, as determined by the high school, including any GPA adjustments made due to Spring 2020 disruptions in learning;


• Subject-specific demonstration of readiness in Mathematics (for mathematics and science courses) or

English (for English, foreign language, history, social science, humanities, or arts survey courses) through either:

1. Subject-specific minimum scores on any assessment listed in Academic Affairs Policy 2.22 (listed below): ULM will continue to accept the same subject-specific assessment eligibility scores as previous academic years.



86 Sent

65 (Elem Alg.)
40 (Col-Level Math)*

ACCUPLACER NG 250 Writing 250 QRAS
*For College Algebra: ≥ 70 Accuplacer College-Level Math; ≥ 263 Accuplacer NG (QRAS) or ≥ 250 (AAF) are recommended.
ASPIRE 433 431
MAP 245 265
Pre-ACT 18 19
Pre-SAT 25 WL 500
ACT 18 19
SAT 500 ERW 510 Math



2. Counselor recommendation based on overall student performance and grade trends in the subject.

ULM requires an email from the high school DE Contact; attachments should include both 1) the Counselor recommendation and 2) a copy of the high school transcript with relevant courses/grades highlighted to demonstrate overall student performance and grade trends in the subject.

While the Board of Regents encourages all institutions to follow this policy, we recognize that minimum requirements may be increased for particular courses.



Additionally, in order for students to be enrolled in courses, the following conditions apply:

1. Must be at least a Sophomore in high school
2. Admitted to ULM prior to the posted deadline
3. All course prerequisite are met
4. Requested courses are on the SACSCOC-approved course list for the student’s high school


Step 1:

Print and complete (Dual Enrollment Signature Page pdf),
and submit to dual enrollment coordinator at your high school.

Submit ACT scores to ULM (must be sent electronically)

Step 2:

ONLY NEW students or students not enrolled consecutively are required to complete online application.

Create a ULM Admissions Account and complete the ULM Dual Enrollment Application (click to apply)

How to Apply (instructions) pdf

Pay non-refundable $20 application by check/money order*
(application fee waived through May 1, 2020.)

*Application will not be processed without required documentation and $20 app fee.  

The online Dual Enrollment Application must be completed by the due date in order for students to participate.