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eTEACH is dedicated to providing teachers with the knowledge, skills and dispositions essential for further professional growth via basic and advanced coursework for pre-service and in-service teachers.


1. To prepare pre-service and in-service teachers for PRAXIS exams required for initial certification and add-on endorsements.

2. To improve and increase teachers’ knowledge of the academic subjects the teachers teach, and enable teachers to become highly qualified (NCLB).

3. To improve and increase teachers’ knowledge and skills to provide students with the opportunity to meet challenging State academic content standards and student academic achievement standards (NCLB).

4. To improve teachers’ classroom management skills (NCLB.

5. To advance teacher understanding of effective instructional strategies (NCLB).

6. Provide training for teachers in the use of technology so that technology and technology applications are effectively used in the classroom to improve teaching and learning in the Curricula and core academic subjects in which the teachers teach (NCLB).

7. Provide instruction in methods of teaching children with special needs (NCLB).

8. Provide instruction in the use of data and assessments to inform and instruct classroom practice (NCLB).

9. Provide instruction in ways that teachers may work more effectively with parents (NCLB).

10. Provide streamlined admission and registration process for teachers participating in eTeach.