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ULM Emergency Notification System

FAQ "Updating Your Contact Information"

Alerts can be made to any type of communication method: email, cellular, landline or SMS (Text Messaging). In the case of an emergency, you may receive notification via one or all of these communication methods. It is recommended that you provide several options of each media type in the event a particular communication device is unavailable.

The phone number fields are optional. You can use any combination of cellular, landline, office phone, etc. In an emergency, an alert would be sent to both Primary and Secondary phone listings.

Q: What is considered a primary phone number?
A: The suggested immediate phone (cell or landline) number is the one where you can be reached immediately while at ULM.

Q: What is considered a secondary phone number?
A: This could be your office phone, residence hall phone number, Home number, etc.

Q: Why do I have to enter two email addresses?
A: You will get a notification to both e-mail addresses if the Secondary Address is populated.

Q: What is SMS and how should I use it?
A: The SMS field (for Text Messaging) only needs to be completed if you have Text Messaging capabilities on your phone device and if you want to receive that type of alert.

Q: How will the Next of Kin (NOK) phone entry be used?
A: Depending on the type of emergency, our Emergency Coordinator may choose to send a separate notification message to a preferred family member or other contact.