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Anderson, Jeffrey

Professor of History

Voodoo, hoodoo, conjure
Old south history, 1607 to 1865: plantation society, southern social classes, system of honor
African American history and religion

Voodoo, hoodoo, conjure – Each of these is an important aspect of African American spirituality. In recent years, they have garnered increased attention from both scholars and popular authors alike.

Baer, Kevin N.

Professor of Toxicology

Toxicology issues: introduction to toxicology, placing chemical hazards in perspective

Mercury in fish: overview of public health concerns surrounding mercury in fish

Toxicology Issues. An introduction to toxicology. Placing chemical hazards in perspective.
Mercury in Fish. An overview of the public health concerns of mercury in fish.

Bailes, Wendy

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Pediatrics-providing care to children with RSV, Rotovirus, and injuries related to motor vehicle accidents
Infection control/intravenous therapy
Genitourinary isolation, pain management and antibiotic therapy

Barnett, William

Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems
Entergy Endowed Professor in Computer Information Systems

General computer information technology
Social networking
Virtual world technology (i.e., Second Life)
Computer security topics (fraud, safe computing, etc.)
Database systems

Bell, Dennis

Instructor of Biology

Native plant identification
Fungi and algae (Protista)
General biology and botany questions

Berry, Christine

Assistant Professor
Director of Insurance Studies

Insurance premium taxation
Insurance company regulation
Residual market insurance
Insurance brokerage
Workers compensation insurance
Managed care