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Saulsberry, Pamela

Professor of Social Work
Director School of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Child abuse and neglect (child maltreatment)
Parenting and family issues
Cultural diversity issues
Rural social services

Child Maltreatment. How is child maltreatment defined today and what implications does child maltreatment have regarding the social functioning of victims in systems such as education?

Shah, Girish

Professor of Pharmacology
Mary E. and Darrel L. Calhoun Endowed Chair in Pharmacology

Major factors that may cause cancer
Progression of early stage cancer to its life-threatening form: metastatic cancer
Early detection of cancer
New drugs and treatment for metastatic prostate cancer

Smith, Ruth E.

Professor of World Languages
Director School of Humanities

Culture and literature of Hispanic countries
Teaching languages in the 21st Century
Foreign languages in Louisiana

Culture and literature of Hispanic countries.
Teaching Languages in the 21st Century.
Foreign Languages in Louisiana.

Stammerjohn, Elizabeth

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Creativity and applications of creativity to marketing problems, including new service development and sales.
Creativity in sales and creativity in new service development and product development.

Stephens, Robin

Assistant Professor of Dance

Cardiovascular health
Women’s health
Flexibility and strength training

Stockley, Joshua

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Campaigns and elections: political parties, polling, media, voting behavior, finances, public opinion, special interest groups, PACs, 527s

Presidential, congressional, and local elections

Public opinion and polling